'The Amazing Race' Recap: To Travel is to Live
'The Amazing Race' Recap: To Travel is to Live
There's only five teams left, which is finally a manageable number for me! Also, we don't have to hear Laurence's complaining anymore, just Jeremy's. Ernie and Cindy leave first for the statue of Hans Christian Anderson. Hey, we know who that dude is!

The first road block asks teams to memorize a poem, follow a map on the front wheel of the bike, then recite the poem dramatically from memory for this guy in a top hat. If it doesn't go well enough, they have to bike back and to it all over again. As Cindy tries to memorize the poem written beneath the statue, a tour bus unloads and ladies and their fanny packs get in the way. Just the luck!

Cindy performs the poem with appropriate dramatic flair, and moves forward. Bill and Cathi leave for the statue next, followed by snowboarders Andy and Tommy. Ernie and Cindy are on their way to LEGO LAND!! This is a fantastic leg. Denmark is alright by me!

Cathi is an English teacher so the poem is fine by her, but the map confuses her so she asks someone in the hotel for directions. Amani and Marcus arrive at the statue after Tommy heads for the theater. Amani is trying to memorize the poem and Marcus is trying to distract her to help her remember it under pressure later. It's an interesting strategy.

Tommy and Cathi struggle to find the theater, and Amani arrives before them. Out of breath, she delivers the poem perfectly and with lots of arm gestures. She flies back and they head for Lego Land before Cathi and Tommy even find the theater.

Oh no, Cathi messed up the poem! Oh, but Jeremy and Sandy are still in this, way far behind everyone.

Ernie and Cindy arrive in Lego Land, which is so unbelievably awesome. I would just want to hang out there and not be racing, which is exactly why I would be terrible on this show. For another Road Block, the teams have to put together Legos on a spinning teacup sort of ride. I would get so sick!

Tommy performs the poem quite blandly and not at all to the bespectacled top hat guy's liking. "More drama, please!" he demands. He asked Tommy to bring more life to the words, which forces Tommy to go all the way back, then return once he has found a dramatic bone in his body. We have found the snowboarder's Kryptonite!

Frustrated, Tommy reviews the poem. Sandy was also sent back for not being dramatic enough. Tommy mimes out the poem, and Sandy provides more arm movement. Bravo! Everyone gets a clue! To Lego Land with all of you.

Ernie and Cindy assemble their Lego clue, sending them to Hamburg, Germany in their Ford Focus. Bleh, I hope it's as smooth a ride as advertised.

Bill and Cathi can't find Lego Land, as Amani and Marcus struggle to keep their food down. Andy and Tommy arrive at Lego Land just before Jeremy and Sandy, and they all sit in the buckets at the same time. Andy and Tommy are smart enough to keep their pieces in a box, as some pieces fly out of the bucket for Jeremy and Sandy. Sandy proclaims, "I can't do this!" almost immediately.

I really hope someone throws up, and I kind of hope it's Sandy. Bill and Cathi are still getting directions to Lego Land; it's not looking good for them so far. Jeremy and Sandy still have a piece on the ground of the ride, and I'm not sure whether or not they're allowed to get out and get it. Sandy's not doing well, as the snowboarders cheer and exit stage left.

Jeremy and Sandy decide they need a new box of Legos, so they have to start all over. In Hamburg, Ernie and Cindy get on a train to Brussels, Belgium. It looks like this train will tie everyone up a bit. But Ernie and Cindy dropped their tickets!

"This is gonna be at treat," Cathi remarks on the Lego Pirate Carousel. It goes well for them, though, and they still want food after their ride. As the other teams arrive in Hamburg, Ernie and Cindy realize they've lost their tickets from Cologne to Brussels, and can't afford to buy new ones. They board the train to Cologne, along with the rest of the teams, and the conductor can't do anything. How upsetting!

On the train to Brussels, Ernie and Cindy hope they won't check for tickets. Maybe they'll hide in the bathroom. No need, because no one came in to check for tickets. I wonder if they'll get a Penalty?

So this leg has been great so far, but it's about to get a little weird and nasty. They will take part in a "Bodybuilding Posedown" for a panel of judges, led by professional bodybuilders. The best part was Phil posing in front of the judges for the demonstration. You go, Phil, work that bod!

"Oh dear, I'm going to be in clothes that I wouldn't take a shower in," Cathi gasps. They looked great, though! Well, maybe hilarious is a better word than great. They were so cute painting each other with competition oil. The snowboarders looked good, but no one was happy. I want some of that tanning oil, though.

"The presentation requires posturing that was not natural," Bill said. There were 12 poses to perform, which Marcus struggled with. Ernie was looking good! Ernie and Cindy scored 9 points, and they had to get 12, so they went back to work on it. Andy and Tommy did even worse. Performance and dramatics are not their strong suit.

You know who loved it? Marcus! They scored the first 12 points. Then it's off to Park Elizabeth for the Pit Stop! Ernie and Cindy are delighted to see the snowboarders fail yet again. This is such a weird challenge, but it is also delightful.

Bill and Cathi don't do well their first time. Amani and Marcus race Ernie and Cindy to Elizabeth Park for first place. Jeremy and Sandy get their 12 points quickly, leaving Bill and Cathi and Andy and Tommy drowning in tanning oil.

Phil and some jazz music await Amani and Marcus, who check in first. But the next leg of the Race starts ... RIGHT NOW!

To be continued ... ! What a trip!

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