'The Amazing Race' Recap: Taking the Arctic Plunge
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Taking the Arctic Plunge
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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The Amazing Race rolled on last week to Lisbon, Portugal, with nine teams still in the competition. The first team to arrive at the Pit Stop was Nicole and Travis, followed by Jason and Amy in second place. Nicky and Kim were the third team to arrive.

In what can only be described as an epic amount of bad luck, Chester and Ephraim were actually met at the Lisbon airport by host Phil Keoghan. This was a bad sign, and they were eliminated from The Amazing Race. Chester and Ephraim's journey was something out of many a traveler's worst nightmare.

Who will take the lead in this leg of The Amazing Race? Let's find out!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The teams depart from Castelo Dos Mouros in Portugal on the way to their next destination -- Svolvaer, Norway. Everyone is super excited about going to the Arctic Circle. (Well, not really.) Jason and Amy bonded with Nicole and Travis on the last leg of the race. This quartet finds out that there is only one flight leaving for Norway the next morning, and all teams are on it.

Once their flight lands, all the teams must board a ferry to Svolvaer. The next clue is in the ferry terminal. We also find out that Timothy and Marie (Reebs) are not going to part with their second Express Pass until the end of the fifth leg. There is also a lengthy list of who will not be receiving the wondrous gift of an Express Pass, including Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) and Ally and Ashley.

Something is Fishy

The Detour is comprised of two challenges: "Hang Your Heads" and "Hammer of the Cods." In the "Hang Your Heads" challenge, teams must string together six bundles, each comprised of 10 fish heads, and then hang them on a drying rack. In "Hammer of the Cods," teams must remove 15 pairs of cod from tall drying racks and then pound them with a huge wooden hammer to make one kilo of fish jerky. Sounds appetizing!
Teams are a bit thrown off by having the sun shining brightly at nearly midnight. Timothy and Reebs arrive first and start the "Heads" challenge. Brandon and Adam arrive next and get to work. The rest of the teams are scrambling for taxis.

Jason and Amy tell Timothy and Reebs that they are stringing the wrong number of fish heads. Meanwhile, Ally and Ashley are saddened by the sight of baby fish heads. Once again, who thinks of these activities?

How Much Does a Cod Weigh?

Tim and Danny choose "Hammer of the Cods" since no one else is doing that challenge, and they are joined by Nicky and Kim.  While one team member climbs up a structure, the other team member has to stand and wait, holding bundles of cod slung around their neck and arms.

On the way to the drying racks, Leo and Jamal's wheel barrel gets a flat tire. They eventually overturn the fish.

No Expression of Help

Timothy and Reebs hang up their fish heads but are told that it is not correct. Brandon and Adam notice that one of the log drying racks has a flag on it and hang their fish there. Jason and Amy are the first to gain the next clue. So where will the teams go next? They are to take a high speed boat to the fishing village of Henningsvaer, Norway.

Brandon and Adam's bundle of fish heads are given the thumbs up, and they refuse Reebs' plea for help when she mentions she has an Express Pass. As the bearded friends leave Reebs in the dust, she asks Timothy why this keeps happening to them, because she is "nice to everyone." Hilarious! 

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Hammer Time

Jason and Amy pass Nicole and Travis while heading up to the drying racks, and tell them to look for a log with a flag at the end. When Nicole and Travis are hanging their fish heads, Reebs goes over to see if she can figure out what she is doing wrong. The exes finally hang it on the correct rack, but is Reebs too tired to trash talk her opponents? No way! As Timothy and Reebs pass Leo and Jamal and their "race wives," Reebs yells, "Ice and Afghanimals, together forever!"

Back at the "Hammer of the Cods" site, Tim and Danny get ready to smash the cod. Nicky and Kim are far behind the other teams as they struggle to carry the fish to the facility. Tim and Danny finish their task just as the girls arrive.

Take the Plunge

The high speed boat trip has Brandon and Adam reflecting on how they are in Viking territory, where they belong. They are the first to find the next clue, which is a Road Block. This challenge requires one team member to take a leap off the Henningsvaer Bridge, dangle from a rope and then splash down into the icy water and swim to their next clue.

The clue reveals that teams must now go back to shore, choose a Ford Ranger truck and pull a boulder on a sled. Once the boulder has moved, the next clue will be revealed, along with a bag of Viking coins that they need for later on in the race.

Missing the Clue

While Timothy jumps, Reebs second guesses his athletic abilities from the sidelines. Brandon and Adam are the first to reach the trucks and find the next clue. Other teams quickly converge on the boulder area. It looks like one team takes the coins, but not the clue. Ally and Ashley face an unwelcome surprise because the truck is a stick shift, but are pleasantly surprised when Tim and Danny help them out.

The Pit Stop

The Viking Longhouse is the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race. Brandon and Adam arrive first to the mat, and are greeted by Phil Keoghan and a bunch of feasting Vikings. As if being invited to a rowdy Nordic feast isn't sweet enough, they also win $5,000 each. Nice job! Phil also has some other news -- they are still racing!

Timothy and Reebs meet up with Nicole and Travis on the road, and Timothy and Reebs are desperate. Nicole uses this to her advantage and says that she will tell them the location if they give her the Express Pass. Reebs hesitates, and Nicole says that she is leaving.

No one is eliminated in this episode, and everyone keeps on racing. I don't know about you, but I am exhausted just watching this leg!

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.
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