'The Amazing Race' Recap: Someone Finally Gets the One-Up
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Someone Finally Gets the One-Up
Last Friday I professed my love for Singapore, so you can imagine the wide grin on my face while watching The Amazing Race tonight. In the past few weeks I've gone "oooh, wow" while watching the places I haven't been in. Contrast that to tonight, when I actually went, "I've been there!" But that's not really the main point of tonight's episode. Depending on where you stand on this issue, it's either a much-deserved upset, or a disappointing move.

"Are you Allan Wu?" From Penang, teams head to Kuala Lumpur via bus, and then to Singapore via train. In other words, it's another bottleneck. The teams get split up on the taxis--the cowboys were the last, again, to get a cab--and headed to the Victoria Concert Hall, where Allan Wu, host of the Asian edition of TAR, will give them a clue. (Side note: one season of that show had one team dominate the race the entire time--first place, all the way, until the very last leg. Isn't that cool?)

Now, I presume Allan's a huge personality in the country, but I'm surprised the ticket person doesn't know him. Almost every team went inside, calling him name and looking for him like he's a little kid. Never mind Carol and Brandy actually calling him "a very handsome man [that's] hard to miss". He was actually seated outside the hall, and the brothers were smart enough to look for him there first.

Flying straight to the pit stop: Thus, Dan and Jordan got first dibs on the Fast Forward, which brings them to the Singapore Flyer. Once they reach the observation wheel's highest point, they'll have to get out of their capsules and crawl to the next capsule. I guess this is the only time when views of the entire country, as well as neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia, don't help at all.

But it's a fairly easy Fast Forward, and once you get past the nerves you're off to the pit stop. Jordan was shaking as he crawled, but Dan just breezed by, and the next thing they know, they're headed to the Marina Barrage to check in as the first team. They may not use the motorcycles they won, but they needed this advantage. Only now we'll miss their presence for most of the episode.

Banging on the U-turn: For the rest of the teams, it's a Detour. Either you head to Speaker's Corner--it's a park where events leading to the country's independence were held--and learn to play the drums from these adorable kids, or you head to the busy Bugis district and sell ice cream sandwiches on the pedestrian mall. Initially all teams did the drums bit, but it was proving difficult for some teams, especially for Louie and Michael, who decided to try the Fast Forward before finally switching to the ice cream task.

But they didn't need to worry much. Brent and Caite, surprisingly, finished the task first--both the cowboys and the lesbians can't get it right the first try--and brought themselves to the Istana Park, where they finally slapped the U-turn, on Carol and Brandy. Caite really was excited for it. Of course, the lesbians were annoyed ("it's flat-out stupid, but let's be honest: she hasn't built a career on intelligence") and a bit pissed (they started arguing when they were forced to do the ice cream task) but they were trying to feel good about it.

Unlucky with the cabs: But the detectives have something else to worry about: their cabs. They got delayed at the Singapore Flyer when their driver went to the loo. When they finished the Roadblock--they had to count the number of links in an anchor chain at a noisy seaport--their cab outright ditched them. They tried to steal Carol and Brandy's cab ("they're mean, they're below you") but they ended up paying a local $20 to take the cab she's supposed to be boarding. I know you have to do such things on the race, but is it just me, or the detectives are becoming as rude as the lesbians?

Still, there isn't much to worry about. After the teams paid a side trip to Sentosa island--it's like Disneyland, only on an island--to take an exhilarating 1,200-foot zip line ride, they headed to the pit stop. Brent and Caite finished second; the cowboys squeezed in at third, and the detectives finished fourth. Carol and Brandy were eliminated, and they tried to get the models' move past them. Sure, they're stupid, but they'll enjoy the moment... "and translate it to first-grade English for Brent and Caite."

The Amazing Race is off next week, so we'll be back in two weeks with a trip to Shanghai.

(Image courtesy of CBS)