'The Amazing Race' Recap: Lost and Found in Seychelles
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Lost and Found in Seychelles
It's a breakthrough of sorts on The Amazing Race this week. For one, they're all flying to Seychelles for the first time in the show's history--and it's worth the wait. It is, as Dan and Jordan called it, "tropical, beautiful, paradise Africa." Also it's the week when everything goes upside down--those who are first came in last, and vice versa. Although that's not really the case.

Sea chilies? Teams fly 5000 miles to the island of Mahe in Seychelles--take note, "say shells", not "sea chilies". Since it's such an exotic (and far-flung) destination all teams take the same flight.

Brent and Caite are not happy with their bad performance over the last few weeks, but at least they're still smart enough to think straight. It's race knowledge to try to take seats on the front of the plane in this situation, and they did, taking row 7. Steve and Allie took row 10, Dan and Jordan took row 15, and Carol and Brandy ended up on row 25. The other two teams ate some chicken.

That pretty much changed the pace of the race this week. After landing in Mahe, teams have to find a kiosk, where they'll pick up a number and their clue. The first three teams take a chopper ride to the island of La Digue; the three other teams leave an hour later. You can imagine Carol and Brandy's faces when they realized that they'll leave an hour later, along with chicken-fed detectives and cowboys. "The three strongest teams were in fourth, fifth and sixth," Brandy said.

Trust the tortoises: La Digue gives us a Detour. Choose Turtle Toddle, and you have to lure a giant tortoise along a marked path with a banana. Once that's done, bring a huge bunch of bananas to a fruit merchant a mile away to get your clue.

It's a fairly easy task, and admittedly an amusing one. Steve and Allie were the only ones who successfully finished it, with the tortoise--it's really huge, around 500 pounds--just out for that little banana that smears its mouth. (Steve: "I've never met an ox I trusted.")  That, and the banana slush that's on Allie's shirt when she brought the fruits to the end of the task. After finishing the task, they have to ride a boat to St. Pierre Island.

But they forgot their backpacks at the Detour! Cue Allie worrying about not having her make-up. (Steve: "She has to realize she looks cute without make-up." I agree.) Still, they powered on, going past the Roadblock and finally finishing in first place. Now, will they be allowed to get their backpacks back, after the beach dinner, massages and unlimited 7-Up?

Carol and Brandy also tried the tortoises, but unfortunately for them they picked a stubborn tortoise who insisted on going in a different direction. They gave up and went to the other Detour. See what I did there?

Don't miss the coconuts: The other Detour's called Ox Trot, where you head to a clearing, load coconuts on a cart with an ox, and bring it to the same fruit merchant for the clue.

It should be an easy task, but here's the catch: you have to load every coconut in your pile, else the fruit guy will stop you and insist that you didn't load all the coconuts. Cue a lot of surprised arguing from teams who insist they've loaded everything. It's a fate that Dan and Jordan were spared from, making their trip to second place far easier.

As for the other teams, well, it's stressful. Brent and Caite were actually ahead but had to return after being rejected by the fruit guy. "I quit!" Brent announced, before doing the smart thing and deciding to go back. (I mean, sure, they're arguing a lot, but I have a feeling Caite's having fun in the race, while Brent just wants to get it over with.) They still finished in third, actually overtaking detectives Louie and Michael, who dropped to fourth place despite not missing a coconut.

Don't miss the bottle too: In the end, the race boils down to cowboys Jet and Cord, and couple Carol and Brandy. They both missed a coconut--it all boiled down to a single coconut for the unlucky teams--and actually overtook each other twice. Soon the cowboys moved ahead of the couple, but it wasn't quite an easy win.

The Roadblock is actually in the middle of the sea: one must dive down a marked buoy and grab a bottle, after which they head to the shore and solve the puzzle inside. It will form a map, outlining the marked path to the pit stop. It's a pretty easy puzzle, but not for the cowboys, who found the pit stop without its help. I mean, they left the bottle on their boat!

Phil refused to check them in, so they headed back to the beach and found their boat a good 300 yards away. So, yes, they swam the distance. Just at the same time, Carol and Brandy went to the shore, solved the puzzle, got a little lost, and checked in fifth place.

It could've been goodbye to the cowboys, but it's a non-elimination leg, so Jet and Cord only have to do a Speed Bump in Malaysia, where we're headed next week. At least I'm more confident they'll actually break past the extra task and get back to the race. Now, for those missing backpacks...

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