'The Amazing Race' Recap: Leave The Race To Your Cab Drivers
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Leave The Race To Your Cab Drivers
Yes, kids, the order of things on The Amazing Race just changed again.

Last week things got pretty shaken up, with Brent and Caite leaving the last spot (and falling anyway) and the stronger teams finding themselves at the back of the pack. Things didn't stay that way this week, when teams flew to Penang, Malaysia. And I'm not blaming it on the remoteness of the Seychelles--all six teams had to take the same 21-hour flight--but rather, I blame it on the heat. It must've gotten to their heads.

We hate Carol and Brandy: First, though, a sneak at the unlikely alliance between Brent and Caite, and Louie and Michael. The detectives want the lesbians out for the same reason they forced Joe and Heidi out: they're too confident. The models see it a different way. "(Bleep) the hell out of them!" Caite said as she floated the possibility of giving them a U-turn.

Unfortunately for Caite, though, her fate and the lesbians' seem terribly intertwined. They were neck and neck at the Detour, where they had to bring 12 large incense sticks up a 153-step Buddhist temple and light them up. The models got the one-up at the end, but for some reason (and despite being really tired from the heat) Carol and Brandy surged ahead at the Roadblock, where they smashed coconuts to find a colored one, and built a traditional Hindu float with it. They finished second, to Brent and Caite's chagrin, who finished fourth.

From last to first: Jet and Cord are in a pickle this week, after they finished last in last week's non-elimination leg. But with some optimism (Cord: "We've had every opportunity to give up but we haven't"), they actually did the impossible--and finished first.

They were the only ones who successfully finished the other Detour, the one where they have to balance really huge flagpoles, called chingays, in their head while running 120 feet. That bought them a hell lot of time to finish the Speed Bump (they slightly stumbled with smelling which tea is ginger tea) and the aforementioned Roadblock. In return, they power themselves back to first place, and get a trip to Maui. Well, part of their luck is down to other teams seemingly not knowing where to go.

Racers on the run: I should've remembered the tendency of bustling Asian cities to have really bad traffic jams--remember Jakarta a couple of seasons back? It delayed Louie and Michael's trip to the incense Detour--they finished third--but killed the chances of the two other teams I haven't mentioned.

Steve and Allie were stuck in the same traffic jam, and after consulting their cab driver, decided to walk all the way to the temple. Catch is, when the driver said it's five minutes away, he probably meant traveling by taxi. The walk was much longer--it was an uphill hike, to make things worse--but when they eventually caught up with their taxi, they realized they were headed the wrong direction anyway.

Dan and Jordan already had a good taxi driver ("the best one in Malaysia," they reckon) but inadvertently let him go when they went to the Detour. They also hiked with Steve and Allie, and got lost along the way. The brothers continued to wax sentimental over their old cab when the one they're in stopped for gas--this is en route to the Roadblock, which they didn't get right the first time--but there's not much to worry about. They finished fifth.

From first to last: It was Steve and Allie who did not recover from their decisions this week. They decided to change Detours, only for Allie to back out because she can't balance a chingay on her head. She was frustrated at one moment: the next, it was Steve, virtually lashing out at their taxi driver for driving really slowly. ("I'm not stressed," Steve quips. "I just want the guy to drive.")

All their positive thinking didn't save them from last place, but at least they bonded really well. On the bright side, they don't have to lug around laundry bags as backpacks (they did not return for them, and fortunately they were wearing climate-appropriate clothing) and they bonded together. Me, well, I lost this season's eye candy...

Next week, the teams head to Singapore, where teams have to literally fly on the Singapore Flyer. Maybe that's what got Carol and Brandy so pissed about Brent and Caite...

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