'The Amazing Race' Recap: Camel Beauty Contest
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Camel Beauty Contest
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last week on The Amazing Race, the remaining six teams traveled from Vienna, Austria, to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Teams enjoyed thrilling pursuits such as being driven around a race track at break-neck speed and dropping off a very tall building.

The first team to reach the Pit Stop was Leo and Jamal, followed by Jason and Amy and Nicole and Travis. The last team to arrive, Nicky and Kim, was teary at being eliminated, but wait! Host Phil Keoghan told the best friends that they were still in the race because this was a non-elimination leg.

So who will take the lead in this leg of The Amazing Race? Let's find out!

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Dune Buggy Drama

Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) receive the first clue. The teams have to use the satchel of Viking coins from Norway to solve a code and unlock their car, then teams must head to a sand dune. There is also a U-Turn ahead. Nicky and Kim and Ally and Ashley have trouble unlocking their car, while Jason and Amy get lost on the way to the sand dunes.

Teams must drive dune buggies into the desert to find the clue box. Nicky and Kim's buggy gets stuck in the sand. Marie (Reebs) has lots of driving criticisms for her teammate, Timothy. I am shocked!

Desert Detour

Where are the teams headed next? They must drive to the Al Ain Oasis to receive the next clue. There is a Detour, which consists of two different challenges: "Wedding Guests" or "Beauty Contest."

In "Wedding Guests," the teams must gather the ingredients and prepare a ceremonial meal that will then be served to guests at a wedding. For the "Beauty Contest" challenge, teams must select a lovely camel (yes, camel) by a set of desirable traits, and present their contestant to a panel of judges.

Leo and Jamal select "Wedding Guest" and break out their cooking skills.

My Camel is a Beauty

Jason and Amy choose "Beauty Contest," along with their former "race friends" Timothy and Reebs. It is hilarious watching Timothy and Reebs trying to make their pick, and Timothy even asks Reebs if they are supposed to put make-up on their camel. I guess the camel holds a grudge because it kicks Timothy in the shin while they are dressing it. They receive the next clue on their second try and wander over to where Leo and Jamal are cooking. When the cousins realize that Timothy and Reebs have received the next clue, they abandon the cooking task to try their luck with the camels.

Amy has experience competing in pageants, so she is confident she can pick a first-place camel. Her pick decides to lay down on the ground and get dirty, so they have to choose another contestant.

U-Turn Ahead

Nicole and Travis decide to use their Express Pass and head off to find the next clue. There is a double U-Turn, and if a team is U-Turned, they must perform both tasks from the Detour. Nicole and Travis are angry at Leo and Jamal for lying about U-Turning Brandon and Adam, so they U-Turn the other team.

Timothy and Reebs cannot find the tower location of the next clue and are running around frantically trying to find it, which amuses Jason and Amy as they ride past. Timothy and Reebs finally reach the clue box and decide to U-Turn Nicky and Kim. These ladies cannot catch a break!

Racing the Rapids

The teams then head to Wadi Adventure, where they find a Roadblock. One team member must raft through the white water course while also grabbing flags that are hanging overhead. Easy enough, right?

Leo and Jamal discover that they are U-Turned, and they are not pleased.

Meanwhile, Ally and Ashley and Nicky and Kim are trying to pick out an amazing camel for the "Beauty Contest."  Nicky and Kim don't want to leave their fate up to an animal, so they switch to the "Wedding Guest" challenge. Leo and Jamal lie to the other team and say they have only been there about 15 minutes.

Ally and Ashley show they know a thing or two about make-up and hair, and their camel passes on the first try.

Swim for Your Life

Nicky and Kim are disheartened when they discover that they are U-Turned. Once they complete the second task, they reach the clue box and see that they have a Speed Bump. For this task, Nicky and Kim have to jump off a wall and into a wave tank and try to swim across the tank and reach a ladder on the other side. Kim is afraid of heights, so this is probably her nightmare challenge.

The Pit Stop

The teams must drive along a scenic route to reach Jebel Hafeet, which is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Nicole and Travis are first to reach the mat. Phil has some wonderful news and lets them know that they have each won their choice of a Ford vehicle. Congratulations, Nicole and Travis! Jason and Amy are team number two, with Timothy and Reebs coming in third.

Nicky and Kim are the final team to arrive, and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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