The Amazing Race: Previewing Season 16 Premiere "Nanna Is Kickin' Your Butt"
The Amazing Race: Previewing Season 16 Premiere "Nanna Is Kickin' Your Butt"
I know, I've always said this with every season premiere of every show that I cover for BuddyTV, but I'll say it again: here we go again.

It's another season of The Amazing Race, which means eleven more teams going on a race around the world, fighting off not-so-impossible tasks, their own fears and perhaps each other, on the way to a million dollars. Like in past seasons, there are a handful of familiar faces. Surely you know Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother, right? I don't follow baseball that much, but Cleveland Indians coach Steve Smith is in here too, along with his daughter.

And, if you remember the beauty pageant contestant who babbled the line "South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as" to a question Aimee Teegarden asked, well, she's here too: former Miss Teen South Carolina Caite Upton is in this season too, running with her boyfriend, and she's bent on shedding the image that infamous answer caused. Maybe she'll get an expanding fan base this time.

Also running the race are cowboys, police detectives, a lesbian couple, and a 71-year-old grandmother--the oldest contestant ever on the show--who has (surprise surprise!) run a bunch of triathlons with her granddaughter.

As always, the race starts in Los Angeles, where they face a hurdle from the very beginning, although not like last season's instant elimination twist. They then fly to Chile, where they face the usual airport bottlenecks, plus a task that finds them 120 feet in the air, confusion over paint brushes, and the uselessness of Brazilian currency in the country.

Yes, a team will attempt to use Brazilian money to pay for something in Chile. Just when I thought losing your passport is the worst thing a racer could do... The Amazing Race returns for its sixteenth season (yes, already) tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)