The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.08 'You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?'
The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.08 'You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?'
The cowboys are safe last week. Will they be safe this week?

Let's put it into perspective. Jet and Cord's lucky run on the first legs of The Amazing Race was partly down to the fact that the tasks really suited them. Cowboys doing gaucho deeds? Herding llamas and milking cows? With every other team still struggling to cope with the race's breakneck speeds, it's no wonder the cowboys will make it to first place.

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That wasn't to last, though. They lost their momentum after an Intersection and a mistake in Hamburg. Sure, they remained strong contenders, but they slowly dropped down the rankings, pulling in mistake after mistake after coincidence, until we get here, in Seychelles, with them dead last thanks to a forgotten bottle. Thankfully it was a non-elimination leg. Of course, this leg is going to be much harder.

And I don't expect them to get tasks that even slightly resembles their cowboy lifestyles. Tonight on The Amazing Race, we are headed to Malaysia, with 153 steps and a 35-foot-high stick waiting for them. And, for Jet and Cord, a speed bump. Will they ever make up for lost time, or will they suffer the same fate as Jordan and Jeff?

I think they'll be safe. Brent and Caite may be third but they're still arguing. The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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