The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.07 'Anonymous?'
The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.07 'Anonymous?'
There is, they say, always a first time for everything. In this season of The Amazing Race, it's a trip to Seychelles, a country they've never gone to in the past 15 seasons.

No, racers, please do not confuse that with "seashells" nor "sea chilis".

Judging from the official synopsis for tonight's episode, it seems we'll be pretty devoid of the drama. It only mentions the racers taking a helicopter ride to an island, where they race a giant tortoise and swim to the bottom of the sea to find a message in a bottle. Nothing much, right?

The promos say something else. Steve and Allie leaving their bags somewhere, Jet and Cord wondering about their coconut task, and of course, Brent quitting the race. Well, supposedly quitting the race. Unless Caite decides to quit too and nobody gets eliminated?

So maybe it isn't really smooth sailing in this little archipelago off Africa. And by that, I also mean the constant mangling of the country's name. It's say-shells. Or something like it. Right? Suddenly I'm not so sure with how you pronounce Seychelles.

The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS, provided NCAA basketball doesn't go overtime again like last week.

(Image courtesy of CBS)