The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.04 'We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt'
The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.04 'We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt'
Yes, whoever said that line, we are no longer in the bible belt--and we are no longer in South America.

Tonight on The Amazing Race, we're crossing the Atlantic and are headed to Germany. The transition shouldn't be hard, considering the German roots evident in their last two legs--the immigrants in Puerto Varas and the spillover in Bariloche, for instance. But while the kuchen in Chile was (according to Jody and Shannon) good, nothing beats the one made in Germany. Or so my logic goes.

To be exact, we're headed to Hamburg, where teams have to take a bungee jump, some German delicacies and a confusing train system. Okay, so Joe can't say "I know this!" anymore. But what more if he's not with Heidi?

It's an Intersection! In case you can't remember, it's where teams have to be separated and paired up with someone from another team. A partner swap, in other words. It also gives us a lot of opportunities for excitement and entertainment. So, the first placers have to work with the last placers, or so the promos suggest. The lesbian couple have to be paired with the brothers, one of which is gay. Too coincidental? Maybe.

But what I'm oddly excited about is a pair-up between Caite and female Jordan. Looks like the battle of the ditzes has jumped to a whole new level. Oh, yeah, I know Caite's trying to redeem herself, but things haven't gone so well between them, right? The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)