The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.03 'Run Like Scalded Dogs!'
The Amazing Race: Previewing Episode 16.03 'Run Like Scalded Dogs!'
There are still no definite frontrunners on this season of The Amazing Race, not after wrong currencies and complicated bus systems and sheer luck rattled the order of teams from top to bottom.

Or maybe we need a change of scenery? We've been in Chile for the first two weeks, and while the country is beautiful (Puerto Varas, such a sight!) it wouldn't be The Amazing Race if you're stuck in one country, right?

Tonight, we're headed to Argentina. Oh, the cowboys are in very comfortable territory.

Jet and Cord are in first place, and it seems they'll breeze through tonight's tasks. You saw it in the promos: it's either wooden horse polo or metal bull's horns and lassos. Very, very easy. Right? Well, perhaps just for them, but imagine tangling up your lasso or not hitting the mark right or, as the promo also suggests, having your balls crunched by the horse...

And then there are the emotional aspects of the race. With the elimination of Jody and Shannon, we lost our only optimistic and comforting team so far. So, unless female Jordan steps up and becomes the person who's fun to watch even if she stumbles and falls, we might have to endure Carol and Brandy's relationship meltdown. Maybe. The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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