'The Amazing Race' Preview: New and Improved, with Twice the Roadblocks
'The Amazing Race' Preview: New and Improved, with Twice the Roadblocks
We were off for a week, so let's begin with a reminder of what happened on The Amazing Race last week. Well, only one thing happened: Carol and Brandy finally got eliminated, after being slapped with a U-turn by Brent and Caite.

I'm quite torn about this, but hey, I enjoyed interviewing them, so that's a plus.

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We've got four teams remaining, and three legs left, so it's quite safe to say that tonight's episode will feature a non-elimination leg. Nothing special about that, really. What's special is this: tonight's episode will feature not one, but two Roadblocks.

Tonight the teams head to Shanghai, where the Roadblocks will literally tangle them up. (Well, noodles do get tangled up.) And then a second one, which will be more pain in the butt, especially when you have taxi drivers who don't know what you want to do or where you want to go--or worse, how to get there. Two teams will face that huge worry. Fingers crossed it's not the cowboys.

So, tonight's floating questions: Will the brothers hold on to their lead? Will the detectives recover? Will the models do any better? Should I even hope for that? The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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