'The Amazing Race' Preview: Another Communication Breakdown?
'The Amazing Race' Preview: Another Communication Breakdown?
As we all expected, nobody went home on The Amazing Race last week. But whatever troubles the detectives and the brothers encountered in the last leg--them, their taxi drivers, and a big communication breakdown--aren't going to end any time soon. They're still staying in Shanghai.

No, I'm not belittling Shanghai, but do remember the promos, and one of the brothers (I still can't tell Dan and Jordan apart) literally throwing a tantrum inside a taxi...

Tonight on The Amazing Race, the language barrier proves to be a bigger issue, and it's surely got to drag one or more teams down. This leg is critical: someone will go home tonight, and the final three teams head to the last leg of the race in San Francisco. So either you take a crash course in Chinese, or you leave everything to fate.

Or maybe you can rely on the challenges. Counting golden Buddhas and Chinese stamps, even if there are thousands of them, should be easier than another communication breakdown, right? The Amazing Race returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

(Image courtesy of CBS)