'The Amazing Race' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 22?
'The Amazing Race' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 22?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
They went skydiving and dove underwater. They traversed a mountain and hauled 50-pound cheese wheels down hill. Eleven teams have been whittled down to four, and the two-hour season finale will crown the winner of $1 million. When it comes to the finale, all bets are off, as we saw just as recently as last season where the weakest team heading into the finale emerged victorious.

Who will be The Amazing Race season 22 winners? Let's break down the remaining teams, and vote for who you think will win!

Bates and Anthony

Best finish: 1st four times, including three in a row
Worst finish: 7th out of 9

If the final challenges are physical, the hockey brothers would wipe away the competition. It also wouldn't be fair so let's hope it's an even playing field. They've by far won the most legs, and their worst showing was early on in the race. However, they've come fourth and second in the two most recent legs. While this may show they're slipping as they head toward the finale, it might also be a good thing because they know they can be beaten and lead them to hustle even more.

They seem ready to carry Caroline and Jennifer for as long as they can, which, on one hand, is nice but could be their downfall. They need to focus on winning. They've shown they will be ruthless, like following Mona and Beth while driving because they knew they'd beat the moms in a foot race.

Max and Katie

Best finish: 1st twice, the two most recent legs
Worst finish: Last, during a non-elimination leg

These newlyweds have had a roller coaster season, even escaping elimination due to the non-elimination leg. They've started to pick up their game, coming in third, first and first in the three most recent legs, which got them $20,000 total and a car for each of them. This gives them confidence and momentum heading to the finale.

Their weakness is each other. They're not the most supportive partners, and they have communication issues. When things are going bad, they seem to fall apart. They're also the season's villains, and people want to see nice people win.
Mona and Beth

Best finish: 2nd twice
Worst finish: Last, during a non-elimination leg

The Roller Derby Moms are like the little engines that could. At the start of the season, they were my dark horse pick, and they've proved themselves pretty worthy. But they're limping toward the finale, coming in last but escaping elimination due to the non-elimination leg and fourth place out of five teams.

Out of the other teams, they have the most trouble navigating, as they've gotten lost multiple times. In their most recent flight, they booked it believing it was the early flight, when in reality it wasn't. These sloppy errors may prove costly in the end. If there's a mental challenge ahead, however, I think they'll perform the best.

Caroline and Jennifer

Best finish: 3rd three times, including the two most recent legs
Worst finish: 10th out of 11

You could argue the country singers are more interested in socializing with the hockey brothers, but we began to see a few cracks in that circle recently. They seem to know that  they'll have to pull apart from them eventually. Are their loyalties leaning more toward Max and Katie than Bates and Anthony? That will be interesting to watch.

They're not threatening in any way. The highest they've finished in third, but they should use their underdog status to their advantage, if they can.

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