'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Toilets, Translation Services and Coats in Hangers
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Toilets, Translation Services and Coats in Hangers
You know it's the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race when the stresses really get to you, especially when you think that you're a leg away to going home. Tempers flare. Sharp eyes get blunt. Detective skills start failing. Or, in a twist of fate, you get a little insightful... maybe temporarily. Right, barrier-searching Brent? Thus, this week's post-leg honors go to those who went a little bit off-character... or really followed their roles to the letter.

Last night's funny-slash-awkward moment: the cowboys not spotting Brent. They saw the bags upon arriving at the Roadblock but they didn't find Brent. Find, that's acceptable. Not finding Brent just as they pass by him? Unintentional comedy gold. The look in front of the model's face said it all.

Last night's almost-dangerous move: Brent going to the toilet. Because I can't help but think of season 14's "million dollar pee". Remember Kisha and Jen, and how they lost the race at the very last minute because one of them had to go to a portalet at the Bird's Nest in Beijing? Brent's actions last night, as obnoxious as it may be ("I can't concentrate!") float a different question: can't he go to the toilet by himself? Does the rule state Caite has to be near him when he pees? At that point, Caite would've found the two stamps and gotten themselves a bigger lead.

The race's hardest clue ever: "Garden Bridge". It's absolutely genius. Even I wouldn't have figured it out. I would've acted like Dan and Jordan, asking locals for the location of the Garden Bridge, not knowing that they call it the Waibaidu Bridge, and spending an hour or so fruitlessly searching... and then waiting an extra hour for the detectives to catch up with them. It just sets us up for more comedy gold. But first...

Last night's coolest racer-friendly development: the Shanghai translation service.
I haven't been to countries where English isn't the dominant language. (Singapore may have many languages, but it seems almost everybody understands some English there.) Thus, the idea of a city-wide translation service--one tourists use to help their Chinese-speaking cab drivers understand what they're talking about--is pretty cool to me. Smart for the detectives to use that to their advantage. Not smart for the brothers to not use it before they had a meltdown.

Last night's oddest move ever: spotting the coats and finding the clues. But the detectives aren't so smart either. How many times have their detective skills failed them in this race? An unsuccessful grid search in Argentina? A lost fashion house in Shanghai last week? But last night's classic moment was when they used their binoculars to find the Waibaidu Bridge--which is across the city--and instead find a couple of coats hanging on a street sign in the middle of the highway. It must be the clue, right, Louie and Michael? It must be a clue despite the lack of red-and-yellow markers, right?

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