'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Rude People Replacing Rude People
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Rude People Replacing Rude People
Here's the thing. Most of you must be happy to see Carol and Brandy go. And I know where you're coming from: they may have run a strong race in later legs, but they're quite the mean folk. But I'm not happy to see them go, because they've been replaced by more mean folk. Oh well. I'm just happy the cowboys are still around.

Want an explanation? Here are my post-leg honors for last week's The Amazing Race. There's a rude jab, there's another rude jab, and there's an unintentionally rude jab. And then there are the cowboys, nice as they can be. With four teams left in the competition, this should get really obvious.

Last night's unintended show of rudeness: Dan and Jordan at the pit stop. "There is no chance we'll even step on it," they said on the pit stop, referring to the motorcycles they won as the first placers on the Singapore leg of the race. At first glance it should sound like they're going, "bleep off, Phil, we want the million dollars!"

And then they clarified themselves. "Our mother will kill us!" That explains everything.

Last night's scary-slash-very-very-cool task: the zip line. I tried the chairlifts at Sentosa when I first visited two years ago: the idea of having your feet suspended high up in the air is scary, even if you're comfortably seated. Thus, I don't think I'll ever try the Mega-Zip. Imagine: you'll hang on for dear life for a neck-breaking 1,200 foot-long ride, with thoughts of your harness giving way and you dropping either in the mountains or in the water? Yet the editors did a good job making it look really, really cool. As for me, watching that clip is enough.

Last night's best jab against the models: "Brent and Caite Gump".
When Carol and Brandy got U-turned, they had a lot of choice words about Brent and Caite. "You're prettier than her," Brandy told Carol when they saw the route market. "She hasn't built her career on intelligence," she later said as they headed to the other Detour. Finally, when they got eliminated, Carol vowed to make the most of their experience "and translate it to first-grade English" for the two.

But I actually liked Brandy's jab against the two to the cameras: calling them "Brent and Caite Gump", and imitating them as they pondered their U-turn. Brent in a hillbilly accent of sorts? Or maybe, well, like Forrest Gump? It sounds so wrong (especially with Brent sort of proving them wrong by finishing the Roadblock once) but it sounds so right.

Last night's funniest line: "The closest thing to a musical instrument that we play is a radio!" Jet and Cord continued being their adorable selves this week by poking at themselves after they arrived third at the Marina Barrage. Sure, everybody else had issues with the drums at the Detour--what else can you do if the kids before you can bang the drums that fast?--but the cowboys really struggled even if they weren't as rhythmically-challenged as Louie and Michael. And the fact that they treated it like something they could laugh at makes them a bigger favorite.

This race's replacements for Carol and Brandy: Louie and Michael. Yes, it could be because of their strong personalities, but they're playing the morality card too hard. Their belief that it's their obligation to U-turn the lesbians makes sense, but their tactics to get there--say, convincing Brent and Caite that the U-turn is everything--doesn't. More so, their attempts to dig the lesbians their own grave reached a low point when they tried to steal their cab after the Roadblock. "They're below you," they told the driver. Well, guess who became Carol and Brandy for a day?

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