'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Coconut-Smashing Fools and Daddy Cops
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Coconut-Smashing Fools and Daddy Cops
What's the best explanation for the weird stuff that happened on The Amazing Race last night? They weren't really mistakes. They were more of gambles that didn't pay off--but, again, there seemed to be too many of them this week that the end result was a leg that saw a frontrunner drop to the bottom of the pack without any U-turn. I guess it's just a change of environment: a 21-hour flight leading to Malaysia's bustling heat changes things a lot.

Things may have gone terribly wrong, but there were a handful of silver linings in last night's episode, which brings us to my post-leg honors. While it's sad to see Steve and Allie go, and all because of the little things rather than a complicated conspiracy of sorts (Joe and Heidi, hello!) there are still a few things to be happy about. I think.

Last night's exemplary award for being just darn lucky: Jet and Cord. Now I've thought about it, I conclude that the cowboys are very, very lucky. We all agree that they finished first in the second and third legs because the tasks fit their cowboy lifestyle very well. Now we can also say that the finished first tonight because the other teams just can't get things right--either they chose the more tedious Detour or got lost along the way. To top it all off, they're lucky they played with brooms as a kid... and balanced them in their heads. Lucky, lucky kids.

Last night's most admirable non-racing participant: Dan and Jordan's taxi driver.
Often watching cab drivers on the race make me feel miserable. If it's not the language barrier, it's their not having any idea about the place they actually work in. (Jordan and Jeff, hello!) But Dan and Jordan's taxi driver understood everything at stake, was willing to overtake everyone, and had that very cool look:


It's a shame the brothers let go of him inadvertently. They would've been first if they stuck with this guy, who is possibly the best cab driver The Amazing Race ever had. Random thought: what if these cab drivers were actually closet fans of the show?

Last night's scary medical almost-emergency: Louie coughing like hell. I'm an asthmatic, and I know how it feels to cough endlessly, like you're coughing your lungs out of you. That's why I was scared for Louie when he coughed during the Detour... and wondered why this got through in the first place. Yes, yes, you need cardio. Cardio, cardio, cardio.

Last night's oddly funny quote: "Come on, you coconut-smashing fool!" courtesy of Michael. This would've slipped me by if not for Michael telling that to Caite. "Come on, Caite, you coconut-smashing fool!" I don't know if it's said with malicious intentions, or if they're just being cute. (Okay, it's the latter). All I know is, it sounds funnily out of place.

A special mention goes to Brent's comment when he did the Detour at the Buddhist temple: "I wish God would turn on the air conditioning." Well, Brent, you're definitely in the wrong place.

The race's most endearing contestant nickname: "Daddy Cops" courtesy of Caite. I always referred to Louie and Michael as "detectives" rather than "daddies" but now Caite's mentioned it, it's quite cute. I can see it now: Caite, the 20-year-old, thinking of Louie and Michael as her uncles who have cool jobs and scary medical issues... and a shared hate of her lesbian aunts. Or something along those lines.

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