'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: The Subtitling Marvel That Is '?????'
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: The Subtitling Marvel That Is '?????'
They do say war brings out the best (and worst) out of people, and I figure the same goes for war reenactments. Then again, you can also compare The Amazing Race to a war, right? "We're not here to make friends," Louie and Michael said as they slapped a U-turn on Joe and Heidi. Sure, and we're not here to stay serious either, which brings us to this week's post-leg honors, full of oddly funny moments and the occasionally annoying one.

This race's replacement for Jody: Steve. Okay, it's not really a direct comparison, but while Jody is endearing in a motherly way, Steve is endearing in a crazy uncle way. "I feel like 25," he said before starting this leg of the race, in a manner that reminds me of my own uncles. That, coupled with his "what else isn't hurting?" line in Argentina, makes him a go-to in my book for funny moments this season.

Last night's funniest moustache look: Jeff. First of all, why do we actually need the moustaches? Yes, it's the 1903 look--it is, after all, part of a homage to that year's inaugural Tour de France--but really? Fake moustaches on everyone?

That aside, I'll have to say Jeff's fake facial hair is the funniest, and only because it's white. You can't ask for a bigger mismatch, even if everybody else has curly moustaches that oddly fit them (read: Dan and Jordan):


That, or Jeff got so stressed riding the bike his black fake moustache turned white very quickly.

Last night's proof that editors sometimes have too much fun: Jordan's subtitle.
Talking with your mouth full of chewed-up baguette muffles your speech and poses a challenge to whoever is charged with transcribing whatever's being said. So what if we all understand that Jordan's mouth is full and, thus, we'll never understand what we're saying? The editors still have work to do.


I imagine the editing machine showing this, then the blue screen of death.

Last night's best return to form: Carol and Brandy. With Joe and Heidi (well, just Joe) sidelined by a bum knee and a coup de grace from noble detectives, it's time for another team to take their slot. And thankfully, we have two complaining lesbians to fill the void. Sure, they complained about the dirty war Detour (expected), but what about another jibe against the opposition?

Carol, during the Detour: "Smart people do Morse code. Dumb people do this."
(They bump into Brent and Caite doing the same task.)
Brandy, back at the pit stop: "I see Brent and Caite going down the pipe. More stupid people!"

Never mind the fact that, by their definition, they're dumb enough to do that task. "I don't know Morse code." Right, there are instructions. Shouldn't that be on the clue?

Last night's (oddly) funniest quote: Jeff. What he said seemed totally out of place but actually made a lot of sense. To Jordan during the Detour: "Put your boobs down and drag them here!" At least these two are fun to watch. It's either they don't get things or they really, really do.

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