'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: A Toast to Chivalry (And None for the Lack of It)
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: A Toast to Chivalry (And None for the Lack of It)
Like last week, this week's episode of The Amazing Race lacked the spectacular meltdowns. (Unless, of course, you count Jeff. It's not like he crawled to the pit stop in despair or something.) In fact, for the most part, it seems the racers have improved their behaviors and gotten on just running the race. Does that make a boring race? Not really, since what else unfolded last night was pretty funny too. Now, read through my post-leg honors, and excuse me for a moment as I give out a really loud... ooops, false alarm.

Last night's most unlikely Intersection pair: Dan and Brandy. Michael and Jet was a blooming bromance. Joe and Allie was one of convenience, at least initially. Jordan and Caite were like long-lost BFFs reuniting in the middle of a freefall. But Dan and Brandy? The set-up was pretty cool--the reference to "the lesbian aunt I never had" to Dan's "chivalry" when Brandy started screaming uncontrollably during the challenge. I thought their short time together would be a little catty, but it actually worked. A lot.

Last night's most improved in behavior: Joe. Many times have I called out Joe for his side remarks that are totally out of places and out of line. Either the editors did a brilliant job tonight, or Joe finally found a way to focus his frustrations into something else. You must've noticed my power rankings this week had no mention of those annoying moments: I like it that way. I'm pretty glad they're running a strong race, and if he keeps up with the improvements I might just root for them.

Last night's most obnoxious racer: Jeff. On the contrary, Jeff just started to annoy me. Okay, sure, it sucks seeing your taxi driver get you so off track and drop you to last place. But many other teams just took it in stride--I mean, look at Louie and Michael! His "goodbye muchacho" line to the taxi driver was understandable. Him walking out of the sauerkraut Detour was the last straw. I don't think Jordan was just forced to go along with it.

Oddest wish fulfilled on the race so far: Steve's craving for beer. I understand how someone would have a craving for something while running the race. Steve's craving for beer is no exception--Allie's story of him expressing his wish for a mug but not having the money to do so makes it more endearing. And then a task gives it to him, and in loads: a boot. A whole boot! A whole freaking boot! The pay-off was the best part: his eyes shining, him looking a bit drunk, but happy that he's ending the leg in second place.

Last night's funniest burp: Joe. "I know I like beer, but I'm not sure if I'm going to like this," he went, before burping. His was the first burp of the episode, and it's always the best burp. Sure, the others also had the right mix of sauerkraut, beer and physical activity, but watching Joe--he who always seems to watch himself but isn't--do it is oddly funny. I would've chosen Brent, but he threw up, and that's still gross...

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