'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: The Racers Who Should (And Shouldn't) Reproduce
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: The Racers Who Should (And Shouldn't) Reproduce
It's pretty hard sniffing something out for this week's The Amazing Race post-leg honors. While we didn't have spectacular noteworthy meltdowns, we did have some entertaining quotes. And, of course, there are the things we've come to expect from the race--sure, it's annoying to see me rattle about the same people over and over again, but what can I do?

The race's luckiest team so far: Jet and Cord. I've outlined the reasons last night: after that one bad decision back in LAX, they went to the front of the pack after tasks that actually fit their cowboy background. What makes them luckier? Those tasks didn't make them look annoyingly annoying. They didn't perfect those tasks, but they did finish them quickly, triggering Carol's almost-belief that the race was rigged towards their favor. I call it luck.

The racer I gave too much credit to: Jeff.
A backgrounder first: I have not seen Big Brother and I presumed Jeff would be a counterweight to Jordan's dumb blonde tendencies. You did say Jeff isn't as sharp as I thought, but I never thought he'd miss the mark so much. Remember the Detour, when they looked for the person who they'll give the loot bag too? They were giving it to the wrong person. But it took them forever to get it.

Event one: Jeff gave the loot bag to the gunslinger.
Event two: Joe and Heidi asked them where the train station is. Jeff goes, "what train station?"
Event three: Jordan gave the loot bag to the gunslinger, probably hoping he'd change his mind. Wrong.
Event four: Jeff gave the loot bag to the gunslinger, again. Still wrong.

But at least we got one of the best lines of the night: "We're so stupid! We definitely shouldn't reproduce."

Last night's annoying moment: I have a compass! I know, I know, I'm mentioning Joe again, while Carol and Brandy are getting point deductions for always going, "oh, how I miss my foot spa!" or something like that. We didn't get much of those thoughts last night, but Joe continued his overconfidence streak. The compass Detour involves an ancient compass--a sign post with arrows pointing north, east, west and south--and coordinates, roughly the number of steps you'll have to take in a certain direction.

But Joe, back in his "I know Los Angeles bleeping well" moment, was very glad he brought an actual compass along. His insistence in using it delayed him and Heidi eventually, more so when they found the wrong loot bag.

Special mention one: Heidi, for not standing up to her husband. "But what about the steps?" she said. "Trust me," he said, and nothing else happened.

Special mention two: Carol and Brandy, for coming on too hard to Jet and Cord. "What bus did you take?" said in the most condescending, we-deserve-to-be-on-that-bus-and-you-don't way. I take back what I said about them earlier.

Last night's best quote: that exchange between Steve and Allie. Their little conversation while during the polo Detour was funny in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it way:

Allie: "What's hurting?"
Steve: I'm 57 years old. What isn't hurting?"

Special mention: Carol, for encouraging Brandy to hit the polo ball as hard as possible in the most relevant (and suitable, admit it) way: "Pretend it's my face."

Last night's best poker face: Phil Keoghan. The Travelocity gnome's blank face only elicited a sorry reaction from Jet and Cord. Phil's, on the other hand, freaked Jordan out. "I can never read you. You scare me." Really.

Something extra because I just noticed this: Remember last season's winners Meghan and Cheyne? They're now engaged, at least according to this tweet from fellow racer Tiffany Michelle. Congratulations!

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