'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Pointless Condors, Llama Whisperers and Moody Cows
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Pointless Condors, Llama Whisperers and Moody Cows
Continuing with the plan I outlined for our coverage of The Amazing Race last night, I list down the things that struck me in last night's episode--the things you might've missed and the things that deserve a second look. Already, things have been shaken up, thanks to a few buses and those moody cows bringing out the best (and worst) of the racers. And, yes, the people I'll miss. You have one guess.

Last night's silliest moment: the Detour with the condor. The task involving dressing up the llamas was an obvious challenge. The one involving dressing up like a bird and "soaring" to a marked point off shore? Not so. I actually thought they'd have to land near the buoy, but none of the teams did that. Instead, they swam to the buoy and... that's it. It was pretty blah for a task.

That said, it sure gave me something to laugh about. You do know those little competitions where people create elaborate contraptions so they can launch themselves into the sea? It felt that way... only they dropped straight to the water rather than make a distance. And the bird feet, oh, that was a nice touch.

Special mention: female Jordan's line as she looked for the pit stop. "No, it's San Jose. H-O-S-E." I may have missed Big Brother, but I'm more than making up for it.

Last night's annoying moment: "It's the kitchen!" I have the urge to not like Joe, but right now I just can't do that. He very capable of being annoyingly out of place (see last week's post-leg honors) but last night, him telling his wife Heidi that she'd love to do the Roadblock because "it's the kitchen" sounded just wrong. His logic probably went, "she's a woman, so she's gotta love the kitchen!" Well, sir, if I was there I would've loved it too. And you also forgot about how she dealt with a (literally) pissed-off cow. I hate to say this, but he kinda deserved being kicked by a llama.

Special mention: Carol, whose quip about wishing for a "nice hotel with a nice restaurant" showed how out of touch she is with reality. It's just a cow, Carol.

The team who worked best with animals: Jet and Cord. Cowboys would, of course, know their ways around animals. I thought they'd struggle a bit with the llamas. I guess the animals thought they were very nice, to the point that someone came to them, virtually saying "dress me!" and standing still when the scarf was put around its neck. It must be the aura the two had.

Special mention: Louie and Michael, for "intimately" knowing the cow during the Roadblock.

Last night's big surprise: Jet and Cord. I'll admit, I underestimated the cowboys after last week's Brazilian currency fiasco. But they more than made up for it with some smarts and some sheer luck. They made the wise choice of staying at the terminal when the ditzy teams ran around in circles and missed two buses. And they're pretty likeable, too. Whenever I hear them go "oh my gravy" I feel at ease. They're not my favorites just yet, but underestimating them is futile. Besides, they're "the most magical people ever".

The racer I'll miss after two weeks: Jody. Well, duh. I wanted to see the 71-year-old triathlete make it far. More importantly, I wanted to see where she'll apply her grandmotherly optimism next. Last night she seemed happy to be in last place. She sang to the llamas, she apologized to the cow and she stayed very nice throughout the competition. I may not care that much about Shannon (although it's a shame we didn't see much of her) but Jody's elimination is unfortunate, yet totally expected.

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