'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Supportive Brothers, Brazilian Money and Someone I Might Not Like
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Supportive Brothers, Brazilian Money and Someone I Might Not Like
Here's the plan: every week, I'll be listing down the things that struck me at the end of each episode of The Amazing Race. There are things I'll definitely miss during the first recap, and there are things that deserve a second visit. We'll tackle the people, the places, the tasks, and the silly things people do while running the race, which is where we begin this week.

Last night's silliest moment: Jet and Cord's Brazilian real fiasco. There were a surprising number of silly moments from last night's premiere: female Jordan asking for tickets to China, Steve and Allie painting the inside walls of someone else's house... but perhaps the most ridiculous would be Jet and Cord exchanging all their money for Brazilian reals rather than Chilean peso. Their logic: Chile is close to Brazil, so Chileans should accept Brazilian money. Uhh, no. In their aim to get an advantage on the race, they changed their money back in LAX to the wrong currency, and ended up taking a second trip to foreign exchange. Whose time was wasted now?

(I must add, though, that Steve and Allie's fail at Templeman Street was understandable, but still hilarious to watch.)

This race's possible clown: the male Jordan. Yep, the guy who whipped out the Caite impression. Seeing it the first time, I'm laughing. Seeing it the second time, I'm still laughing. Seeing him tell that to Carol and Brandy... I'm not so sure.

This race's possibly (slightly) annoying racer: the male Jordan.
Only because of his voice. What did you feel when he kept on saying "I love you bro!" to Dan when he did the Roadblock? Sweet, at first, but later? Mmm.

This race's possibly (really) annoying racer: Joe. Last week I mentioned that he could be very much like last season's Lance. Well, he wasn't that annoying, but he's surely getting there. Look at the way he told Heidi he's doing the Roadblock. "I'm doing it!" he said firmly. Yeah, I know she's afraid of heights but he didn't have to come on so strongly. And then there's the time when he told Steve, "Allie beat my butt!" It was pretty out of place, don't you think?

My early favorite: Jody. If it wasn't cool enough to see a 71-year-old grandmother--the oldest contestant ever, I must reiterate--participate in the race, think about her being a seasoned triathlete: she's run several half-marathons with her granddaughter Shannon, and she even aims to finish a whole marathon in the future. My favorite moment off last night's premiere, however, was when she asked the taxi driver in Chile to drive as fast as he can, in a very nice, soothing, no-pressure tone. Now, if everybody did that, there'd be a 12% decrease in road rage incidents around the world.

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