The Amazing Race: Phil Keoghan Sets Out On Own Cross-Country Race
Isn't it finally time to see Phil Keoghan do the racing, rather than just host The Amazing Race?  Sure, that line looks like a cliché.  And sure, in actuality he won't be racing—let's say he'll be touring across the country from the end of next month, until just after the race ends.  Luckily for us, he will do just that.

CBS has announced Ride Across America, a tour which sees the native New Zealander go on a bicycle trip across America, making stops in over thirty cities.  Along the way, he will drop by casting calls for future season of The Amazing Race, sign copies of his book No Opportunity Wasted, and appear alongside former racers and fans of the show.  The entire thing kicks off on March 28 in Los Angeles, and ends on May 9—just a day shy of The Amazing Race 14's finale—in New York.

Keoghan aims to travel at least a hundred miles per day, and hopes people will join him during the trip. “I feel like where we're at in the economy, the bicycle is a pretty good solution to helping people's waistlines, wallets and the environment,” he said in an interview from Auckland.  “This is saying to people, look, it's time to make a choice in your life.  We have way too much obesity and way too many people sitting back and not getting involved in life.”

Keoghan also hopes to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects a person's nervous and immune systems.  He's been rallying that cause for several years, especially since a cousin of his was diagnosed with the condition.  Throughout the tour, he is expected to appear in rallies organized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, especially during the group's Bike MS fundraising cycling runs.  Fits, really.

And then, there's him promoting his new meal replacement product line.

So, if you're somewhere in, say, Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Des Moines or Columbus or Baltimore or anywhere in between, expect Phil to come up and say things other than, “you're the last team to arrive” or something.  Of course, more information is available at the show's website.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, AP
(Image courtesy of CBS)