'The Amazing Race' Gets 15th Season
Fourteen seasons later, The Amazing Race is still at it, bringing teams around the world, having them do tasks that are either daring or outrageous or (in the case of the episode last week) downright funny, and earning a handful of Emmys along the way.  There will be another round to this.

CBS has announced that The Amazing Race has been renewed for a 15th season, which means we'll be seeing 11 (or 12, who knows?) teams go around the world for a million dollars again, this coming fall.  Host Phil Keoghan confirmed the news through a Twitter site he set up for his "Phil Keoghan Rides Across America" gig, a cross-country biking trip across the country to promote awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis research.
Then again, the show getting renewed wasn't really in doubt: the show's been taking in respectable ratings, averaging around 10 million viewers on its Sunday time slot.  There's also its critical success: so far only The Amazing Race has won the Emmy for Best Reality Competition Show, since the category was introduced six years ago.

Casting is already underway for the 15th season, with open casting calls to be held in Chicago (on April 24), Pittsburgh (on May 1) and New York City (on May 8), apart from the usual casting avenues on the show's website.  If you make it to those cities on time, though, you might get to see Keoghan, as he takes a stop there as part of his cross-country trip.

Again, The Amazing Race 15 hits screens in the fall, but there's still season 14 continuing this Sunday from 8pm on CBS. That should give you more than enough time to look for a partner--if you have plans, that is, to join the race. It's still a million dollars.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, Variety
(Image courtesy of CBS)