The Amazing Race: First Spoilers for Season 14
The 14th season of The Amazing Race isn't set to air until next month, but of course they've already gone through the race, done all the Detours and Roadblocks (and, if luck isn't on their side, the Speed Bumps) and determined the winner.  And, of course, nobody from the teams nor the crew are allowed to say something—it's in their contract, after all.  But a race is a race, and people are bound to notice it, and some have sniffed out some very interesting bits about what we should expect for the upcoming season.

Well, after the recently concluded season—which saw Nick and Starr dominating, and then winning, the entire thing—proved to be a fairly exciting yet honestly predictable run, will this season offer something pretty different and pretty exciting, and hopefully provide a riveting race, overall?  Some people have a clue on what could possibly be on season 14, so if you're ready to be spoiled, read on after the jump.

First off, the teams: one contestant is reported to be deaf.  That means we'll be seeing the first deaf racer in the history of the show.  That contestant is rumored to be a female, and she'll apparently go throughout the race using sign language.  (Of course, I'll guess we'll have subtitles.)  For one thing, it'll mean a totally different dynamic between the team she's part in, and the people she'll have to deal with.  Then again, it's easier to use sign language in the many countries she'll be in—at least more people would, in a way, understand that than English.  Suddenly I imagine Phil Keoghan saying, “you're team number…” in sign language, too.

There's also a rumor that there's a gay father-son team on the race.   Some have even speculated that the team is writers Mel White and Mike White. The former did some ghost writing for the late Jerry Falwell, while the latter penned this certain Jack Black movie entitled School of Rock.  With those details, I'm not so sure if both of them, or at least one of them, is gay.  Other teams rumored to be part of the upcoming season include an African-American female team, a typical blonde pair who's reportedly working as flight attendants, and a team of “little people”, which could either mean Charla times two, or folks who are just short.

Next off, the destinations: it's going to start off from California, either in San Diego or in Los Angeles, and it will end in Hawaii.  In between, observers have spotted camera crews and racers in Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Thailand and China.  Some have even observed, by piecing together bits from Phil himself—how, I don't know—that a possible destination is the freezing Siberia region, in Russia.

Finally, the legs themselves: there's been speculation that the upcoming season of TAR is shorter than ever before.  (Is it the gloomy economy kicking in?)  Some have pointed out that the race was held in a span of 23 days, which means roughly 11 episodes.  And, while there's uncertainty as to whether there'll be 11 teams or 12, the possibility of having a race without a non-elimination leg is becoming certain.  That, or a double-elimination leg.

The 14th season of The Amazing Race will hit screens on February 15 on CBS.  To be honest, even if the last season just passed us by, I can't wait.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Squad
(Photo courtesy of CBS)