'The Amazing Race' Finale Preview: Which Team Will Win $1 Million?
'The Amazing Race' Finale Preview: Which Team Will Win $1 Million?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

More was at stake for season 21 of The Amazing Race: another $1 million to be exact. But with the only team eligible for the $2 million prize -- after finishing first in the first leg -- most recently eliminated, the remaining four teams are all eyeing the $1 million prize.

We've seen 11 teams take off to China, and the remaining contestants pedal through Indonesia, build buses in Bangladesh and experience a Turkish bath. And now, four teams are left.

Here's how the final four may fare in the two-hour season finale. Vote for who you think will win the race below!

Trey and Lexi

Strengths: The dating couple from Texas have started to peak at just the right time -- the last five weeks, finishing no worse than third (which was once) and in first three times, including the most recent leg. On paper, they might be the strongest team.

They complement each other really well. They've been able to handle the tasks with relative ease, even sifting through a Russian card catalog that another team gave up on. Trey's athletic, she's a cheerleader; they're athletic and so cute to watch.

Weaknesses: They've made some bad decisions, although they've been able to recover from them. During the last leg, Trey's bad directions during the bullfighting ended with Lexi getting a deep finger cut.

Jaymes and James

The Chippendale dancers have been playing in the middle of the pack for the first-half of the season -- starting 10th, then coming in third twice before falling to sixth. In the last four legs, however, they have been gaining traction and momentum, stepping to the mat in second place three times and also first.

Weaknesses: Can you think of any? I can't, but that might just be me being distracted every time they bust out their little Chippendale bow ties and throw their shirts off.

In all seriousness, they have shown to be a little sloppy, like when they left behind bamboo pieces that they had to backtrack and retrieve again, wasting valuable time.

Josh and Brent

Strengths: They've continuously made it to the pit stop in the nick of time or were saved by a non-elimination leg. No one has deemed them a threat in this competition, and that should play to their advantage -- that they have nothing to lose. Coming in third last week, which wasn't last, should provide a boost of confidence.

You could argue they've played the most honest game. They were always willing to help other teams and even to the end were playing with Ryan and Abbie.

Weaknesses: They haven't proven they can win, so how will they be able to get past three strong teams who have nothing against each other? For Josh and Brent to win, they'll need to have serious luck on their side. It won't help if Josh's bum ankle continues to hinder him.

Not having another team that has their backs might also hurt them in the end.

Natalie and Nadiya

Other than a sixth-place finish once, they've steadily held up in the top four -- though fourth in the last leg was actually last.

Weaknesses: Coming in last in the previous leg means they'll have a disadvantage going into the finale.

Their fights are a distraction during tasks. Their ethics have also come into question when they picked up another team's money and kept it.

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