'The Amazing Race' Delivers More Bad Luck and a Double U-Turn in China
'The Amazing Race' Delivers More Bad Luck and a Double U-Turn in China
Last week, The Amazing Race left us in suspense as Kent and Vyxsin were having the worst leg of the Race ever, and the other teams had checked in but were told they're still racing! They left their fanny pack (which is EVERYTHING) in the gondola! Everyone else is going back to Kunming, where a Double U-Turn awaits them.

Luckily for Kent and Vyxsin, the earliest train back to Kunming is at 7:00 pm so it will tie everyone up. In a touching moment, Phil checks the goths in, and tells them about their 30-minute penalty for missing the required flight. Haven't they been through enough, Phil?! Regardless, they're still in it, and will wait their penalty out at the next pit stop, and they have elected not to tell anyone about their penalty.

Meanwhile, at the train station, the cowboys, Kisha and Jen, and the Globetrotters play basketball. Oh, and Jaime and Cara cheered. It was sweet. Then Kent and Vyxsin arrived and everyone asked them about the penalty. Kent and Vyxsin deny any knowledge of a penalty, but the other teams aren't buying it. This isn't their first time on the Amazing Race, you know!

The train arrives, and Ron and Christina take the lead, with their home field advantage. So the other taxis just follow them. They go to the flower market, where a clue sends them to the Memorial Arches. The Globetrotters arrive last and the cowboys take their taxi. The teams may be done helping each other.

For the Detour, teams will decide to "Honor the Past" or "Embrace the Future." For Honor the Past, they will watch a Tibetan performance and then test their memory by placing the 15 dolls in the same order they appear on stage. For Embrace the Future, teams have to unload a solar heating system, carry it to a roof, and install it. Geez! These are some tough Detours.

Ron and Christina chose "Honor the Past" and Zev and Justin choose to follow Ron and Christina wherever they go (brilliant). The Globetrotters beat the cowboys to the memorial arches, as the cowboys go to the Golden Arches, McDonalds, instead. This is anyone's game, especially with the Double U-Turn!

Zev and Justin finish first and have the first crack at the Double U-Turn, followed by Kisha and Jen, and then Ron and Christina. But everyone waits for Ron and Christina, so they're all even at the taxis. Margie and Luke finish installing the solar panels first, and Jaime and Cara and Kent and Vyxsin tackle the same task. Kent and Vyxsin struggle as Jet and Cord pass them and the Globetrotters arrive. Gary and Mallory get to work on honoring the past.

Ron and Christina's taxi driver brought all three taxis to the wrong place, as Margie and Luke arrive at the U-Turn. I thought for sure they'd use it, but Margie and Luke pass up the opportunity to U-Turn any teams. Jet and Cord choose not to U-Turn anyone either. Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the U-Turn box seconds before Jaime and Cara and while all three women tell Kent to U-Turn the Globetrotters, Kent U-Turns Jaime and Cara! Right in front of their faces. So shady!

In their defense, last time they U-Turned a team that was already ahead of them, so they knew that Jaime and Cara were behind them for a fact. At least Jaime and Cara got to U-Turn the Globetrotters. Everyone else is safe, and following each other to the Stone Forest.

Jaime and Cara totally kill the second Detour, and I loved their memory technique "white hat, grey Russian, fur man Russian." The Globetrotters also make quick work of the second Detour ("bucket head,"). Jaime and Cara's driver stops for gas mid-race. It's Hawaii all over again, apparently.

In the Stone Forest, teams will put together a life-size dinosaur for the Road Block. Awesome! Only one person from each team can do it, though, and it's giant, so that's pretty rough. This leg of the race is downright grueling. When Kent and Vyxsin show up, they admit the truth about their penalty. Ron says they're "as phony as can be," but Ron's opinion doesn't matter much. The dinosaur holds everyone up, except Gary and Mallory who arrive last and opt to use their Express Pass.

Gary and Mallory head to the Pit Stop at Green Lake Park in Kunming, and shortly after, the cowboys complete their dinosaur and pass them. AHH! The cowboys check in first, and while I like Gary and Mallory, I loves me some cowboys. The cowboys win $5,000 cash each! Gary and Mallory check in second, but at least it's not last!

Kent, who has built his whole dinosaur around a backwards pelvic bone (as the cameras show us), falls off his ladder. Christina had the same problem, and they both have to dismantle the whole dinosaur. That would be so frusrating. Kisha and Jen finish, followed by Kent and Vyxsin and the Globetrotters.

Margie and Luke check in third, and Kent and Vyxsin start their penalty. Kisha and Jen check in as team number four, then Kent and Vyxsin check in fifth. Man, those dinosaurs must take a while. The Globetrotters check in sixth ("Double U-Turn, baby!"), and Christina finally finishes her dinosaur leaving Zev and Justin and Jaime and Cara.

Zev and Justin finish their dinosaur bones, and Jaime realizes she put a crucial board in upside down. Ron and Christina and Zev and Justin check in seventh and eighth, respectively. Jaime is miserable, and finally gets her clue. "Pure, miserable torture," Jaime declares, and they check in last and are eliminated. I'm proud of them for finishing the dinosaur, though!

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Was it shady for Kent and Vyxsin to use the U-Turn and omit information about their penalty or did it even matter? Who are you most frustrated to see still in this? If you have any questions for Jaime and Cara, leave them in the comments!

(image courtesy of CBS)