'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Jessica and John Run Their Mouth and Make Excuses
'The Amazing Race' Deleted Scenes: Jessica and John Run Their Mouth and Make Excuses
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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"Oy vey." That was all host Phil Keoghan had to say after John and Jessica's elimination, one in which John tried to make up excuses for holding onto the Express Pass and declare he didn't need a million dollars.

Their elimination interview gives some insight into their thinking. Does anyone feel bad for them? I don't. They make it sound as if they were thinking rationally, but really, it was John's ego and arrogance that let the million dollars fly away. Here's a quick breakdown of what they said:

They Thought the Derby Girls Were Behind Them 

This doesn't make any sense. They knew the derby girls took the sandy bottom challenge. If Jessica and John took into account all the time they wasted building their fruity top, they should've concluded that the derby girls had already moved on by the time they switched challenges.

Even then, they had the chance to use the Pass while searching for the surfboard. John saw that Chuck was the only person searching with him and should've realized they're fighting for last.

Building the Fruit Tower was Long and Tedious

I'm not sure why they were the only team to struggle so badly with this challenge. It was an insight into their patience and following directions. They had a model of what the tower was supposed to look like, and the fact that they couldn't recreate it wasn't going to bode well for the rest of the race, if they managed to not get eliminated.

The entire race isn't about stamina and if it wasn't this challenge, another slow, tedious task was going to get the best of them. 

Deleted Scenes

It's not as if John's arrogance suddenly came out during a time of struggle. He's the one who told the cameras that if anybody blabbed about the Express Pass alliance in the beginning, the agreement would be void. It was John who said "Loose lips sink ships."

Check out the clip below:

Who turns out to be the one to reveal the information? John! Jessica even tries to butt in, but John thinks that because the Express Pass has been given out, that it's OK to throw everyone else under the bus.

The scene is further interesting because during the episode, we watched the hockey players as they saw Jessica and John give the Express Pass to Connor and David, but that's where it ended. In the scene, we see them all talking about it after the fact.

Check out another deleted scene with the country crooners. I've yet to be able to tell them apart. But they create a song for their Bali taxi driver on the spot. They're growing on me with each episode!

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