The Amazing Race: Another Open Letter, This Time to Sam and Dan
Dear Sam and Dan,

Congratulations.  You have taken the place of Lance and Keri as the most annoying team on this race, ever.

It's a mean feat, really.  So many teams this season have shown potential in snagging the title of The Most Annoying Team Ever.  Ericka, for instance, could've taken the top spot because in the last couple of legs she's become such of a diva.  Mika could've taken the top spot on the sheer power of her phobias.  Heck, even Maria and Tiffany could've taken the top spot, because the way they ended the race was annoying in an way that defies explanation, even if it's supposed to be endearing.

But I should've seen it coming.  Your arguments, from the very beginning of the race, would make you a very annoying team.

Actually, it's not the arguing that gets to me.  If there's one thing I've learned from watching The Amazing Race for the past years, it's that teams will inevitably argue--it's a matter of severity.  Thus, it's unbelievable to see you, Dan, to become such a bitch when Sam was doing the Roadblock.  (Wait a minute, it's Sam who did the Roadblock, right?)  You lost all your logic and decided to just open everything just to get it over with.  Heck, Sam was doing the right thing: go through all the hay rather than roll them across the field.  You must've seen your arch-nemeses, the Globetrotters, find their flag half-buried in the hay, right?  It's just science!

Instead, Dan, you decided to pressure Sam, only to cry like a wuss afterwards when you realized that Sam is being the sensible guy.  No, I wasn't sold with your confession that you were being a jerk.  In fact, the tears made you more of a jerk.  Nothing changes jerks.  Nothing changes two jerks, too.

Yes, I'm also calling you out, Sam.  I know that you want to see the Globetrotters fail a task, lag, and lose the race.  And yes, I understand the logic behind it--because they're an athletic team and they're the closest threat to you winning.  But really, Sam, do you have to take that rivalry damn personally?  You're all side comments during the tasks, it's unbelievable.

Okay, so maybe part of my reaction is because I like Flight Time and Big Easy, because they're a perfectly loveable team who don't take things too seriously and yet remaining absolutely competitive in the race.  They haven't really done anything to deserve your vitriol.  When you pulled away, Sam, inside that train, leaving them behind, you were full of glee--and they were just, "oh well, better wait for the next train and be cool about it."  And now they're in first place.  And you, fourth.

So, Sam and Dan, as this season's Most Annoying Team Ever, I shall hope that both of you end in last place on the next leg, and get eliminated.  I shall hope that the Globetrotters give you a whipping, because you both deserve it--for being jerks.  Now, I shall ask that question I asked Lance earlier: what the asterisks?

Respectfully on the other side again,
Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)