'The Amazing Race' And All That Cheese
'The Amazing Race' And All That Cheese
I'm so glad Gary and Mallory weren't eliminated last week! This week, they'll have to complete a Speed Bump, which I don't remember having seen for a while. Zev and Justin are first to depart the Villa Trapp, having won cars in the last leg. The teams will catch a train to Liechtenstein, where another Double U-Turn awaits somewhere within this leg.

Flight Time and Big Easy have become flirty friends with Kisha and Jen, who I still don't feel like we know much about. I think I just realized last week that they're sisters. The cowboys are first to get out of the train, headed toward the boarder crossing at Schaanwald. Gary and Mallory lose time as their cab driver (always with the cab drivers!) checks his GPS.

For the first Road Block, one team member will measure the entire length of Liechtenstein (22 km) on a motorized bike (a Solex). If they measure incorrectly, they have to go back and measure again! Rough. I hope, for Gary and Mallory's sake, that one of the teams gets it wrong, but I like all the teams who are left. For the Speed Bump, Gary and Mallory have to make fuel for their Solex with gas and oil.

Jet misses a turn, followed by Flight Time, and Jen drops her map. Not good! Gary and Mallory complete their Speed Bump, and Gary hops on the bike and catches up with Jet. Vyxsin struggles to understand her map, and Justin guesses the distance correctly! Jen hears Justin's guess and duplicates it.

Jet guesses 35 km, which is wrong, so he has to do it over. He leaves Gary in the dust, and Gary catches up with Vyxsin to help her read her map. Justin and Jen collect their team members and head to the train station. First they help Flight Time by giving him the total so he doesn't have to go all the way back. On the way, Flight Time tells Gary to help him out, and they must have shared information with Vyxsin, too. So everyone but Jet got help because if you can keep the cowboys down, you should give it a try.

Kisha and Jen and Zev and Justin get on the first train, followed by Gary and Mallory, the Globetrotters, and Kent and Vyxsin. The cowboys follow in last place.

Detour! For "Cheese," teams have to eat a bunch of fondue. For "Wheeze," teams must deliver luggage to five different hotels. How much cheese can you eat? Was the giant Ferris wheel meal any indication? Zev and Justin hope not, as they choose to eat the pot of fondue. Justin doesn't feel good about it. Kisha and Jen join them, and Jen says what I'm thinking, "I'm not going to be able to poop for a long time." After about five bites of cheese, Kisha and Jen choose to do the other one (because wouldn't all that cheese slow you down?).

Zev powers through the melted cheese, as Kisha and Jen start delivering luggage. Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy, and Gary and Mallory all choose to deliver luggage because really, in Vyxsin's words, "would you rather walk around with heavy luggage or eat a bunch of cheese?"

The Globetrotters take all 20 pieces of luggage, and Kent complains about delivering the luggage because it's heavy and unwieldy. But ughhh, all that cheese. I feel bad for the teams on the receiving end of that Double U-Turn. Predictably, Justin pukes. Ohhhhh god it looks so awful.

I've never been so proud of a team as when Zev and Justin finished all that cheese. They are first to head to the Double U-Turn, and I wonder if they'll show any mercy on the other teams who didn't have to eat pounds of cheese. They do! They choose not to use the U-Turn, and head via electric taxi to the Pit Stop.

Kent and Vyxsin are so comical delivering this luggage, I love that they're still in it. Vyxsin, having had just about enough of Kent, offers to pull him in the luggage cart. Zev and Justin check in first at the Pit Stop for their fourth win. Kisha and Jen are close behind, having chosen not to U-Turn anyone either.

The Globetrotters deliver 20 bags, but lose two of the tickets! The cowboys are catching up, and Gary and Mallory pull ahead. Kent and Vyxsin decide not to U-Turn anyone since they've already used their U-Turn earlier this season. Gary and Mallory also choose not to U-Turn anyone. Everyone is so nice this season, I really like it.

Kent and Vyxsin check in third, followed by Gary and Mallory in fourth. The cowboys and the Globetrotters race to the U-Turn box. The Globetrotters arrive first and U-Turn Jet and Cord because it's all they can do. Oh no, the cowboys have to eat all that cheese and then get eliminated! What a way to go.

The Globetrotters check in fifth, and the cowboys toast to racing over their pot of fondue. Jet and Cord are eliminated and it's really sad. I'll miss them and the cowboy-style music that plays whenever they did something great in the Race. I really thought the cowboys would make it to the finale.

Was it unfair for the other teams to shut the cowboys out? Can you believe Zev and Justin ate all that fondue? How do you feel about Kent and Vyxsin and their constant bickering?

If you have any questions for Jet and Cord, leave them in the comments below and I'll ask them tomorrow (Monday)!

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