The Amazing Race: All-Stars Spoiler?
On January 27th, a pseudonymous poster (“auntieb”) on the Television Without Pity forums listed the full elimination order as well as ultimate winner for this season of The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Since then, the first three pairs noted to be eliminated have been correct, so it is now considered plausible that this list might be correct.  While there is no other confirmation currently, for the full list of potential eliminated pairings in order, as well as the reported ultimate winner, read on!

11th: John Vito and Jill - Confirmed
10th Kevin and Drew - Confirmed
9th Dave and Mary - Confirmed
8th Rob and Amber – Confirmed
7th Teri and Ian
6th Bill and Joe
5th Uchenna and Joyce
4th Danny and Oswald
3rd Charla and Mirna
2nd Dustin and Kandice
Winners: Eric and Danielle

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Reality TV Calendar

Image Courtesy of CBS