The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Ozwald and Danny eliminated, final three set
In tonight's penultimate episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Danny and Ozwald were eliminated, setting up an interesting season finale next Sunday.   We'll have Dustin and Kandice v. Eric and Danielle v. Charla an Mirna next week, which is sure to be rife with conflict.  The Beauty Queens have angered both of those other two teams over the course of the season.   Say what you will about their reasons (and I think their silly), but their is a serious grudge; we'll see how that impacts the finale.

Tonight's episode didn't hold any big surprises.  The teams headed out from Hong Kong to Guam, which is on the way back to the United States.  The teams all arrived in Guam at the same time (although Danny and Ozwald missed the initial flight, they ended up catching the same connector), and their first task was to climb an Air Traffic Control tower.

After the air traffic tower, the teams headed to the US Naval Base is Guam and performed a pretty cool task where they had to use a GPS gadget to locate a pilot that would give them coordinates to a landing zone.  After that task, teams had to travel to Fort Soledad, which was the pit stop for this leg.  Dustin and Kandice arrived first, followed by Eric and Danielle, then Charla and Mirna.  Ozwald and Danny arrived last, and were eliminated.

For the finale, I have to think that Dustin and Kandice are the favorites, given how well they've performed.  Eric and Danielle probably have the next best shot, as they've proved this season to be a solid team.  Charla and Mirna have exceeded expectations all year, and they'd certainly be a surprise to win it all. Don't count them out.

Tomorrow, we'll have an exclusive interview with the eliminated team of Ozwald and Danny.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of RealityTVMagazine)