The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Finale Live Results
It's The Amazing Race All-Stars finale, folks.  I know I'm excited.  The Amazing Race has long been my favorite reality show, and I always hate when the season ends.  The All-Stars hasn't been the best season, but the show has remained its entertaining self throughout.  I'm rooting for the Beauty Queens here tonight, mostly because I like their tenacity (and it doesn't hurt that they're, you know, hot).  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.  It should be a fun one.

The teams will begin the final leg by flying to Honolulu, Hawaii.  That means that they'll probably be ending somewhere on the west coast of the US.  Probably Los Angeles or San Francisco.  That's my hunch.

This initial flight might be important, but they'll all probably end up on the same one.  That's how these finales work.

Eric and Danielle can't get on the same initial flight into Honolulu, but they'll all be catching the same connector in Tokyo. 

Ahahahaha.  Mirna puts Charla on one of those luggage carriers and wheels her around the airport.   However, they find a different flight that gets into Honolulu 50 or so minutes earlier.   The other two teams are baffled because they aren't on their flight.  I don't get this.  If these two flights are leaving Tokyo at roughly the same time, how can Charla and Mirna's arrive so much earlier?  Oh, the magic of editing.

Man, I'm actually excited for Pirate Master.  Never discount Mark Burnett.  The man is a genius.

Charla and Mirna do, in fact, arrive first in Honolulu.  The teams have to go to an air hanger and take a helicopter flight to some small island.  The helicopter flights depart ten minutes apart.  The teams will fly to the island of Lanaii and drive a jeep to a harbor. 

Charla and Mirna are annoying.

The Beauty Queens tell their helicopter pilot to hurry.  That's about as futile a request as you can ask. 

At the harbor, the teams face a detour.  They can either swim down into an underwater cave or paddle themselves on the water standing on a longboard.  Charla and Mirna decide on the longboard.  They have some trouble. 

Eric and Danielle decide to do the longboard as well, because they think it's their best shot to overtake Charla/Mirna.  Eric, however, is scared of sharks.  Wuss.

Charla and Mirna finish first.  They have to drive to shipwreck beach, where a WWII cargo ship crashed. 

Oh, Eric and Danielle audible to the cave diving.  Pretty easy detour.

Dustin and Kandice decide on the diving as well.  They have some trouble, freak out a little bit, but get the clue fairly easily.

Dustin and Kandice catch up with everyone at shipwreck beach.  Eric and Danielle reach the clue first.  Teams have to kayak out to the shipwrecked ship, a few hundred yards or so off shore.  It's a huge ship, by the way.  Pretty cool. 

Dustin and Kandice get a little chippy as they move the kayak out into the water.  For some reason, they don't get into the kayak for awhile.  I can't remember them ever getting mad at each other before this. 

Eric and Danielle get to the clue, on a buoy, first.  Dustin and Kandice overtake Charla and Mirna.

The teams now have to head to their final destination, San Francisco.  Did I call it or what?

Dustin and Kandice are pissed at each other   Kandice almost brings Dustin to tears.  Serious girl drama there.

Eric and Danielle are the first to the airport, but Dustin and Kandice catch uo before they book anything.  However, it looks like the first flight out is that night.  Everyone gets on the same flight, arriving early in the morning. 

Teams spout various cliches in anticipation of this final segment of the race.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the Old Mint building first, for their final challenge. 

Cool.  The final challenge involves answering questions about other teammates (least trustworthy, most overrated, etc.).  After the first member answers the questions, they enter a corresponding key code into a safe.  The other member then has to answer the same questions based on what they think the other answered.  They have to try and unlock the safe to get the clue.

All teams seem to have some problems, but Eric and Danielle do the best, it seems.  They get ten minutes to finish. 

Danielle unlocks the box first.  They head to the finish line, which is at the Botanical Garden.

Dustin and Kandice run out of time, so they are given the clue.  They get in their cab and leave.  Dustin and Kandice plead with their cabbie to take a shortcut. 

Oh, this is intense.  They show Eric and Danielle hitting a lot of stop lights.  I think they have a big enough lead.

The eliminated teams wait on at the finish line, applauding. 


We'll be back tomorrow for an interview with the winners.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer