The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Episode 9 Live Thoughts
We're down to the final four on The Amazing Race and it's going to be a toss-up.  My two favorites to win have to be Dustin and Kandice, and Ozwald and Danny.  I think they're the best racers still in the race.  However, as we have seen recently, luck can play a big part,  especially at the airport.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.

Uchenna and Joyce
really got a raw deal last week.  It's no fun when an episode's result isn't hanging in the balance.  After the first fifteen minutes of last week, you new that it was going to be Uchenna and Joyce going home. 

My prediction for tonight: non-elimination leg.
Kuala Lumpur looks pretty sweet. I'll be there at some point within the next 30 years, guaranteed.

Teams fly directly to Hong Kong to begin this leg.  More airport!!!

Charla and Mirna are pissed and Dustin and Kandance for using the yield.  Neither are Eric or Danielle.

I don't get this.  YOU'RE PLAYING FOR A MILLION DOLLARS!!  It's almost inexcusable to not use the yield. 

The two morning flights to Hong Kong are fully booked.  One is Air China and one is Air Malaysia. 

There's some interesting jockeying for position to be found. 

The Beauty Queens think they're going to be the first ones to talk with Malaysia Air.  However, Ozwald and Danny find some office in the airport dungeon where they help them before the real booth opens. 

The flight looks fully booked for Malaysia Air. 

Charla and Mirna are ruthless.  They ask the attendants to knock random people off their flights. 

Dustin and Kandace's looks really help in situations like this, when they're schmoozing employees. 

It's almost certain that not everyone will make one of the two flights, and air travel will have a big part to play on this leg.

Danny and Ozwald get onto the first flight.  They're the only ones. On the 8AM China Air flight. 

Charla and Mirna get into a little tussle at the Malaysia Air counter.  Charla calls the Beauty Queens “Yield Queens.”  Zing. 

Dustin and Kandice are first in line for standby on the Malaysia Air flight, followed by Charla and Mirna. 

Eric and Danielle get screwed, are now behind Charla and Mirna.  Charla and Mirna get on the same flight as the blondes.

Eric and Danielle aren't too screwed, get a flight that arrives a couple hours after the other teams. 

Once in Hong Kong, the teams have to find a random dry cleaners. 

Ozwald and Danny are having money issues. 

Ozwald and Danny find the last fast forward of the season.  They decide to do it.  It entails going to a film studio and participating in a crazy car crash stunt.  Looks like fun. 

Detour: Kung Fu Fighting or Lost in Translation.

Crazy.  On the Kung-Fu task, they have to scale an 11-story bamboo wall, while avoiding kung fu fighting.  Both The Beauty Queens and Charla and Mirna decide to scale the wall. 

Ozwald and Danny get strapped in to a van. 

Oh, nevermind.  Cahrla and Mirna decide to do Lost in Translation.

The stunt crash is awesome.  The van gets moving really fast and then hits a jump that lands the van on its side, and they skid for awhile. 

Ozwald and Danny head straight to the pit stop: the Hong Kong Jockey Club. 

Nevermind, Charla and Mirna change their minds again, decide to go climbing. 

Dustin and Kandice are owning the 11-story building.  They finish easily and now have to take a ferry to a Hong Kong island and to an abandoned Police Headquarters.

Charla is having a difficult time on the wall, but she does it. 

Ahahahahahaha.  Charla and Mirna take the wrong ferry.  Their cabbie took them the long way to Hong Kong Island, and they got on a ferry from there to some place called Kowloon.  Oops.

Dustin and Kandice reach the police headquarters, where they have a road block.  One contestant has to kick down doors, kung-fu style, until they find the room with the clue.  Kandice decides to do it.

Ozwald and Danny finish first.

Hmm, Charla and Mirna take the ferry back to Hong Kong Island, and decide to take a taxi directly to the old police headquarters.  I think they're going to be penalized because they didn't take the Star Ferry that they were supposed to.

Charla kicks down the doors at the police headquarters, because she “likes to kick things”. 

Eric and Danielle dominate the ninja wall. 

Dustin and Kandice finish second, after completing the last task, which involves pulling a boat across a little pond.

Eric and Danielle quickly finish the door kicking.  Charla and Mirna hit rush hour on their way to the pond.

It's a race through rush hour between Eric and Danielle and Charla and Mirna. 

Eric and Danielle argue on the drive to the park. 

Charla and Mirna finish the boat pulling and head to the pit stop. 

Eric and Danielle kind of hate each other. They're going in circles, and can't find their way.  They finally hire a cab to follow. 

Charla and Mirna arrive third at jockey club.  I guess they didn't get penalized. 

Eric and Danielle arrive last, but, as I predicted, it is a non-elimination leg.  They are, however, marked for elimination.  Next week should be fun.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer