The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Episode Four Recap
Originally aired on Sunday, 03/04/2007

Episode Rating:  **** (4 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: Teams continue to work with and against each other on this next leg of the race, which includes a wild white water ride.

Episode Highlights:
  • Rob and Amber…do we even have to say it at this point?  Even with a couple missteps, and a rare partnership with another team, the two continue to lead the pack.
  • The Beauty Queens, Kandace and Dustin, make a major misstep passing by a clue – can they make up their error?
  • During the white water rafting, one competitor goes overboard!

Another Sunday, another start to an Amazing Race: All-Stars leg, another interview with Rob and Amber Mariano outlining how little they care what the other teams think about them.  Okay, you’re ruthless, we get it.

Ruthless works, though, as, once again, their first place finish at the last pit stop gives them the first departure the next evening.  They receive the clue directing them to head to a nearby town San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. 

At the church, they pick up their next clue, indicating their next step is to fly over 800 miles to a town called Puerto Montt.  It’s late at night, but Romber are able to locate a travel agency that was open late and book the earliest flight to arrive, landing at 12:55 PM.

The other teams are staggered to the clue in order of their last arrival to the mat, but they still encounter each other as they enter the town to search for the church.  When Team Guido (Joe Baldassere and Bill Bartek) stops to ask the way, Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner bogart, essentially, their directions.  Guido is not happy about this, and blocks their vehicle as they read their clue.

None of the other teams thinks of the travel agency option, so they all head straight to the airport and plop down, preparing to spend the night in their spots in line at the ticket counters.  Uchenna and Joyce Agu have the idea of heading to a local hotel to find internet access.  In order to ensure they don’t lose their place in line in case they can’t, they offer to buy tickets for the other teams that are at the airport at the time, Eric/Danielle, Team Guido and Ozwald Mendez and Danny Jimenez.  They collect credit numbers and passport info and head out to the local hotel.

The remaining teams arrive and take their places in line as well.  At the hotel, Uchenna and Joyce are having success finding the same early flight as Romber, but not success with booking for all the other teams.  Only Team Guido included their security codes, so Eric/Danielle and Ozwald/Danny don’t get booked.  Uchenna and Joyce give them the bad news back at the hotel, but seem to leave off their arrival time. 

The rest of the teams have to wait in line, and eventually all book flights arriving at 1:55 PM.  However, Eric realizes that Uchenna/Joyce’s flight is arriving an hour early, and manages to switch his teams’ tickets.  The other teams all try to piggy-back on this plan, but unfortunately the flight is booked.  They are told they can go standby at the flight in Santiago.  In Santiago, there is a mad dash to the counter to put names in for standby, and a confrontation as Mirna Hindoyan tries to elbow in on Teri Pollack’s conversation with the agent.  It’s all to no avail as the earlier flight is completely full.

After the flight, the first four teams race to a fishery, but Romber loses their lead by taking a wrong turn.  The fishery is site of this leg’s Roadblock, which involves transporting 80 fish from a breeding tank to another holding tank.  Uchenna, Danielle and Joe all get started, but this task seems nearly too much for Danielle.  She is severely grossed out by the fish, and Eric’s sideline heckling doesn’t much help. 

The teams arriving on the second flight get a lucky break with an early landing, and arrive at the fishery as well, as do Rob and Amber once they figure out the correct directions.  Amber shows why her team is so strong on The Amazing Race: All-Stars as she gamely jumps in and starts wrestling fish.  Uchenna and Joe finish, and find their next clue written on the bottom of the tank.  Joe, however, misses a key detail by copying down only the ultimate destination and not a key direction to it.  Romber and the Beauty Queens Dustin Seltzer and Kandace Pelletier complete their tasks and head out as well.

Danny, Teri and Dave Conley all struggle with the task, though, putting their teams behind.  Charla and Mirna get a late start, and Mirna continues her rather panicked, hysterical approach to adversity, nearly sobbing her way through the fish collection.

Romber make the rare attempt at teamwork by pairing up with Eric and Danielle to find their next clue, which alerts them to a Detour: either rock climbing or white water rafting. Both select water rafting, although Amber grimly notes that she’s done it before and was nearly killed last time.

The Beauty Queens, also find themselves at the rapids – but by accident.  They missed the clue alerting them to the Detour and so start their white water adventure thinking they are still looking for a clue.  The trip does include a stop at a clue box – but it’s the one directing them to the Pit Stop, so they have missed a step.  Uchenna and Joyce also choose the rapids, and complete the task as well. 

Romber and Eric/Danielle complete the trip and head to the Pit Stop.  There, Phil informs Romber that they are – for the third show in row – the first team to arrive.  Rob might be full of bluster and confidence, but Amber seems stunned and joyful at their unbelievable third top spot in a row.

Uchenna and Joyce arrive to the Pit Stop next, Eric and Danielle with right after.  Next, the Beauty Queens arrive, but Phil tells them they have not collected all their clues and must head back.  The Beauty Queens show an admirable amount of composure (it must be all the pageant training) and don’t lose their heads to panic as they carefully retrace their steps to the missed clue box. They retrieve the Detour clue, and race back to the mat, where they are amazed to learn they are still fourth!

Team Guido has been put far behind the pack due to the missed piece of clue.  Luckily, they happen upon Charla and Mirna, and the teams pair up to get directions.  At one point, Mirna informs Team Guido of their missing information, then immediately regrets her disclosure, but it’s too late.  Guido is back in it!

Back at the Detour, all of the teams have selected the rafting.  Oswald and Danny completed the course next, and arrive at the mat in fifth.  Teri and Ian have an especially wild ride, with Teri taking a tumble out of the raft, but is yanked back to safety and seems no worse for her dip, saying in interview that it actually made it more exciting.  They make it to the mat in sixth place.

Team Guido, Charla/Mirna and Dave/Mary all run the course nearly neck and neck, but Guido is able to pull ahead when Dave/Mary lag behind, and Charla/Mirna momentarily lose their car keys.  Guido arrives at the mat in seventh place.  Charla/Mirna pull ahead of Dave and Mary to arrive in eighth.

Dave and Mary finally arrive, and Phil informs them this is, unfortunately, an elimination round.  The two are saddened by their loss, but happy for their second opportunity to participate in The Amazing Race.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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