'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' Week 6 U-Turn Award: Cause and No Effect
'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' Week 6 U-Turn Award: Cause and No Effect
Bill King
Bill King
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After a week in which there were no glaring mistakes other than calculated decisions that either worked or backfired, the sixth leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars returned us to our roots of having a few to choose from.

Unfortunately, the most egregious blunder had absolutely no impact on the race results, proving that sometimes luck is better than skill.

And no one understands the flip side of that better than Flight Time and Big Easy. The Globetrotters were the first to finish the tuk-tuk diesel challenge, but after everyone ended up on the same train, they got beat to the Detour and were stuck making paper out of elephant poo.

Still, they finished that task first as well, only to lose a place in the standings after their cab driver got lost. Luckily for them, we here at the U-Turn Award (like it's an actual thing) don't judge people for bad cabs.

Breaking the Chains of Pachyderm Love

The first error that's discussion worthy was when David and Connor and Jessica and John struggled to get their chains attached to the logs so that the elephants could properly pick them up with their mouths. 

All four teams arrived at the chain post at the same time, but Jet and Cord's ranching experience allowed them to surge ahead of the pack. Likewise, Leo and Jamal made use of whatever mojo they possess to nip at the cowboys' heels.

Still, the four teams that did the trunk challenge were the first four teams to finish, and if we're looking at pure ability, the only thing that didn't pan out as it should have is that Jessica and John beat David and Connor to the mat. And it came via footrace.

I'm also hesitant to label the speed with which someone finishes a task as a "mistake," provided they're all trying and not making bad decisions. Some teams are going to finish tasks faster than others, and it's always variable.

Pressing Your Sheet

Okay, so I stole that from recapper Justin Sedgwick, but it's still pretty darn funny. My girlfriend and I desperately tried to think of some clever way to work in elephant poop references, and the best we came up with for the power rankings was "Who's on Top of the Dung Heap?" We are sad people. 

The three teams that made paper all missed a big opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack, perhaps even the trunkers, when they failed to thoroughly watch the demonstration.

They all missed the step about pressing cracks and bubbles out of their dung-paper scrap-water pulp mixture, which led to several failed attempts. They realized it pretty much in the order they arrived, and only the Globetrotters' poor taxi selection prevented them from finishing in that order. 

Rachel Doubles Down on Green

I always attempt to identify the biggest blunder, not whatever mistake had the greatest impact on the outcome (thus David and Conner "winning" for passing the village in the canoe, even though the YouTubers were doomed by letting their cab go). And you'd be hard pressed to find a better week that's applicable.

Rachel's inability to read and comprehend the Roadblock clue would probably be U-Turn worthy enough on its own. Instead of filling up four tuk-tuks with green cards in the windshield, she filled up four green tuk-tuks. That's bad enough.

Then once she filled up four green tuk-tuks and was told she had not done it correctly, she doubled down on her green tuk-tuk-filling strategy and would have kept filling green tuk-tuks had John not been kind enough to point out she was about to steal his red-carded tuk-tuk.

I know you're locked in, but at least take a breath and a look around to see what your opponents are doing. Be aware of your surroundings. And that's the most inexplicable part of her mistake. Even while she was filling the four green tuk-tuks, it would have been very easy to panorama the chaos and realize the other teams weren't filling tuk-tuks that were all the same color. That should be enough to raise a red flag and help you reorganize your thoughts.

I know we like it when the team that messes up the worst is the team that finishes last, because it seems fairer that way. And it just doesn't seem right that Brenchel could screw up so royally and still end up on par with the others. But dems da breaks, and luckily no one went home anyway (though I wouldn't have terribly missed the country singers).

And yes, I think I just broke the record for tuk-tuk mentions in an article. Now that's the sheet. 

The Amazing Race: All-Stars airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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