'The Amazing Race 16' Recap: Sauerkraut + Beer = Obnoxious Burping
'The Amazing Race 16' Recap: Sauerkraut + Beer = Obnoxious Burping
This week's episode of The Amazing Race is a game-changer. At this point, you'll think that many things that we saw during the past legs are definites: the cowboys are first, the detectives are last, and there's nothing that will change it. Well, they haven't been to Germany.

The detectives' huge breakthrough: The eight remaining teams are heading to the city of Hamburg. Getting there means a flight from Bariloche to Frankfurt, and a train to Hamburg. All teams took the same flight out of Patagonia, but from there, teams got separated. One flight, stopping at Paris, Louie and Michael, and Jet and Cord. Another flight, stopping at Sao Paolo, has  Joe and Heidi, Jordan and Jeff, Brent and Caite, and Steve and Allie. The other two teams--Dan and Jordan, and Carol and Brandy--got a direct flight.

Surprisingly in first: the cowboys and the detectives. Yes, that's their lucky break. They're all headed to a street with their next clue, which happens to be an Intersection. And, in a first, two teams perform the Roadblock together, which is a 150-foot bungee jump in the middle of the city. But they have to take a train to the Hamburg harbor, though. And that's where things got complicated for some teams.

The ditzes almost get lost: Mike had no choice but to pair with Jet. Joe took Allie with him, since "good people go with good people," according to Heidi. Dan took Brandy with him. And, inevitably, female Jordan took Caite with her. Explorations in comedy? Not really, but they did get lost in Hamburg's complicated subway system. Luckily for them, they realized it from the moment they rode the train, and they didn't lose that much time.

Jet has the Intersection to thank for not getting lost in Hamburg's trains. "I thought metro meant the city," he said. They were first out of the bungee jump, followed by Joe and Allie (a scenario that looks odd) and Dan and Brandy (odder, since Brandy's bleep-scared). Their next destination is the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany's first leader. The detectives promptly took the lead and never turned back.

Shredded cabbage versus soccer balls: This leg's Detour is your usual crash course to things the Germans love. Either you eat a big plate of sauerkraut before the polka band finished performing, or you kick soccer balls from the penalty line to five predetermined targets.

The soccer task was easy for some. Steve and Allie breezed through it--never mind the age, they're both athletic--and easily squeezed their way to second place. Brent and Caite could've finished early, since Miss Teen South Carolina played soccer since she was five, but her thighs started to hurt. Still, they made it through. Joe wasn't so lucky: his bum knee prevented him from hitting any goals, and they switched to the other Detour. Thank the llama.

It's funny to watch how the teams who took on the sauerkraut challenge really took it on. Joe and Heidi were "just inhaling" the food when they got there. Carol was, to Brandy's chagrin, eating slower than usual. And Michael was chowing down the sauerkraut, proving that the detectives really work very well. When they headed to the Haifisch Bar, to drink a boot of beer--a really huge boot of beer--Louie chugged the drink down, and they breezed their way to first place. An actual come from behind win.

GPS navigator fail: Really unlucky: Jordan and Jeff. They decided to do the sauerkraut task but their taxi driver got them lost. You can see Jeff getting really pissed off as they watched their driver punch in their destination on the navigator and run them around in circles. "Thanks, muchacho," he said as they left.

They weren't so lucky with the sauerkraut either. They took forever to eat it, and they promptly walked out after the polka was done. So much for "play it as slow as you can, like for an hour." So much for the band actually obliging. So they were forced to do the soccer task, and by then they were really behind.

Not everybody likes beer: Before the pit stop--the Indra, the club where the Beatles first performed in Hamburg--the teams had to stop by for that boot of beer. So we know the detectives breezed through it. Steve was more than happy with the beer, since he's been craving for a mug all throughout. (Be careful what you wish for.) Jet and Cord haven't had a beer ever, and they vowed never to drink another one again. Caite doesn't like beer either, so Brent did all the drinking--and he threw up badly outside.

Perhaps the beer helped Jordan and Jeff. It was the one thing that seemed to raise his spirits, but it wasn't enough to save them from last place... only it was a non-elimination leg. So they're very last, they have a speed bump in France next week, and they have to deal with the after effects of that boot of beer. Like every other team, they were burping. And burping loudly, they all were.

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