'The Amazing Race 15' Recap, Part 2: What the Duck is Going On?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
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Twelve hours after the end of the first leg of The Amazing Race, a little after midnight, the first team leaves.  They're dating couple Meghan and Cheyne, and the way to remember them is that his hair is as douchey as his name.  As expected, no flights to the next location, Vietnam, leave at midnight, so it's the second bunch of the Race.
All the teams get on the same plane and then take a taxi and bus to their destination.  Based solely on this episode, I now believe Vietnam is Atlantis, because the whole country seems to be under water and every road is flooded about a foot high, yet cars and motorcycles still drive through.  It's insane.

Teams with fast taxis leave the bus station first, while slow taxis leave a bit later.  In case you were worried that there might finally be a separation between the teams, the dock where their next challenge is doesn't open until 7am, so it's already the third bunch.  At this rate, every leg may come down to a foot race.

In the morning, the teams learn they must take a boat to a farm island and cover a tree's roots with mud.  The teams all leave except Maria and Tiffany, who complete a quick Speed Bump and move on.  The mud is insanely thick and almost impossible to get out of, which isn't nearly as amusing as rolling cheese down a hill like we had in last season's premiere.

They all get it done, but Justin falls into the water before leaving.  A short time into their trip, his partner Zev, the Racer with Asperger's Syndrome, asks where the clue is.  They don't have it, so Zev deduces that it fell out when Justin went into the water, so they backtrack and find it.

Zev is almost perfectly designed for The Amazing Race.  Apparently Aspergers may inhibit your socializing ability, but it heightens your calm, rational and reasonable side.  He doesn't get frustrated or frantic like every other person ever on this show, he calmly studies a situation and makes a plan to proceed.  He's Rain Man and The Amazing Race is his blackjack table.

From there, the teams move on to the leg's final challenge, herding ducks.  Uh oh, there's always an animal challenge, and it always makes people even more erratic because they have no control over their animals.  For the best example, see Colin's futile battle with his broken ox in season 5.  Best TAR moment ever.

One team member must herd a pen of ducks across a bridge, then back over the bridge, then back into their pen, and they need to do it all in less than 10 minutes.  As always, couples are terrible because all they do is yell at each other.  Interracial wife and former Miss America Ericka has a rough time, and she goes ghetto on those ducks, threatening to cook 'em up for dinner if they don't behave.  Jessica has an equally hard time while her on-again, off-again boyfriend Garrett yells from the sidelines.

Who's not having a hard time?  Matt, who grew up on a farm in Montana.  He herds ducks like nobody's business, and after making short work of the challenge, he and his dad head to the Pit Stop and finish as team number one.

Also rocking the challenge is Zev.  As I said, he's the calmest Racer ever, so he simply herds the ducks up and back like he's freaking Babe.  That's do, Zev, that'll do.  Finally, we have objective proof that teams on The Amazing Race need to stop yelling and just do what needs to be done, because Zev smokes everyone.

In the end, we lose the second of seven romantic couples this season when Garrett and Jessica finish last and are eliminated from the Race.  He explodes in a big hissyfit, and it looks like we were spared another violent temper.

Thank God all the annoying couples are leaving, because as a general rule, I hate any dating pair on this Race, because they almost always fight and it turns into a confessional on Jon and Kate Plus 8.  One episode, two eliminated couples, and there are still a lot of people I like on The Amazing Race.  This is going to be a great season.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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