The Amazing Race 14: Season Finale "This is How You Lose a Million Dollars" Recap (Page 1/3)
Kisha and Jen were eliminated from last week's penultimate episode of The Amazing Race due to an ill-timed bathroom break, setting up a showdown between a mother/son team, a brother/sister team and a team of two attractive fire-haired cheerleaders.  There's no unanimous rooting interest in this bunch, each team having its share of fans and detractors.  In tonight's final leg, teams traveled from the Far East to Maui.  What follows is a recap of tonight's events.

Final Rooney Report of the Season: Andy Rooney actually gives a pretty good monologue on 60 Minutes tonight.  I feel like I've entered a parallel universe.  He talks about graduating, what that feeling is like, and the bittersweet emotions that come with it.  I know that Rooney used to be really good, really valuable, and tonight he gave us a glimmer of the thinker he used to be.  I can't believe I just complimented Andy Rooney.  I feel funny. 

It's down to three teams:

Margie and Luke:  The mother/son duo have been the "feel good" story of the season.  Luke is deaf, and the two have exceeded all reasonable expectations throughout the season.  Luke and Margie have shown to be pretty feisty, easily offended and a bit arrogant.  But, that's just my opinion.

Jaime and Cara: The cheerleading best friends came into the race as the token hot chicks, and end it poised to become the first all-female team to win The Amazing Race.  They've been very ugly Americans at times, xenophobic and crass, but I think some of that is editing, some just the inherent frustration and exhaustion that comes up while on The Amazing Race.

Tammy and Victor:  The brother/sister lawyers have probably been the best racers all season.  Victor has some issues with trusting his little sis, and has been annoyingly bossy at times.  The smart money is on them to win the million dollars. 

The three teams depart from Beijing, China at night.  Tammy and Victor get their clue at 9:15, and are told to make their way to Maui, Hawaii.  Once there, teams have to find beach access 118.  The first flight out of Beijing is at nine in the morning.  All the teams will begin the leg on equal footing.  Luke freaks out like a schoolgirl upon learning that Maui is their final destination.  Jaime and Cara are also pumped that Maui is their final destination, probably because the Hawaiians will actually understand them.  Stupid foreigners and their crazy languages. 

After an 18-hour flight, the teams sprint like banshees out of the airport.  Margie berates her cab driver, who says that going fast is illegal.  On the beach, teams have to prepare a full pig while wearing provided swimsuits, which means the teams have to change into their swimsuits while in the car, probably inspiring much awkwardness for the two familial teams. 

Jaime and Cara in bikinis!

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