The Amazing Race 14: Episode 9 "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death" Recap (Page 1/2)
The Amazing Race 14 is down to four teams after tonight and, given the trials and travails of Mark and Michael in last week's episode, I think we all knew there wouldn't a lot of suspense tonight, barring an epic comeback.  It was good, then, that The Amazing Race provided some atypical intra-team conflict to spice things up on this evening's episode.  Margie and Luke, who have become quite the divisive team this season, got into it with Kisha and Jen throughout the hour, culminating in an uncomfortable war of words at the pit stop, even forcing Phil Keoghan to put on his best Jeff Probst mask.  Good times.  Below is a recap of tonight's events.  Please enjoy, and be safe.

Andy Rooney babbled about income taxes tonight on 60 Minutes.  I got really bored and stopped paying attention. 

Last week was, of course, a non-elimination leg.  Mark and Michael finished last, and have an extra Speed Bump to accomplish on this next leg of the race.  The promos for tonight's episode are promising the "most memorable pit stop ever."  Luke and Jen get into it, calling each other a bitch and generally acting a fool. 

Margie and Luke are the first to depart from Bangkok.  They are told to fly to Guilin, China, a place I have never heard of.  Not ever.  Once in Guilin, teams have to find a specific barber shop.  Luke's got some attitude, doesn't he?  You tend to forgive a lot when someone's deaf, but just because he's deaf doesn't mean he's a great guy.  Jaime and Cara get the clue telling them to head to China, and they can't help but hide their disappointment.  They hate Chinese people, I guess. 

"The only thing I know about China is that it's very populated," says Jaime.  Hooray, American education system!  Turns out Tammy actually spent Spring Break in Guilin.  Also, Tammy and Victor both speak Mandarin.  Margie and Luke make the first flight by themselves, but it will be all for naught. 

Tammy and Victor make the next flight, a couple hours later, with Jaime and Cara.  Jen and Kisha make a third flight.  Mark and Michael leave the pit stop late in the afternoon, hours behind the next team. 

Tammy and Victor and Jaime and Cara catch up with Margie and Luke.  Their connecting flight to Gualin (they are in Guangzho), is delayed, which allows Jen and Kisha to overtake the other three teams.  They arrive in Guilin first.  The other three teams are close behind.  Tammy and Victor are really freaking pleased with themselves that they speak Chinese, and I'm annoyed by it. 

Kisha and Jen are already lost, looking for the hair salon.  Tammy and Victor's cabbie doesn't know where they're going.  Jaime and Cara get the clue first, and head to the next route marker, which is at the 24 Bridge.  Tammy and Victor are right behind Jaime and Cara.  Mark and Michael finally arrive in Guilin, not that far behind the other teams.  Jen and Kisha make clear their distaste for Margie and Luke, who have fed Jen and Kisha false directions in the past. 

Jen and Luke find the clue box at the same time at the hair salon.  Luke throws a wild elbow at Jen, and then Jen calls Luke a "bitch."  She is not sorry about it.  Luke didn't hear his, obviously, but Margie did and Luke is not happy about it when she informs him of the incident.  Remember this moment. 

Road Block

Tammy and Victor arrive at the bridge first.  The teams take a boat out into the middle of the river, and then one team member has to train a couple birds (called Cormorants) to retrieve fish.  Hmm.  Tammy opts to do the road block.  Mark and Michael are having a difficult time finding the salon. 

At the next clue box, Margie and Luke get into another scuffle, Luke pushing Jen into the clue box.  Kind of a punk, that Luke.  Jaime and Tammy are having fun throwing the fish for the retriever words.  Very silly challenge.  Not a lot of skill involved.  Victor tells Tammy, "The birds only understand Chinese."  Sorry to break this to you, Victor, but birds don't understand any languages.