The Amazing Race 14: Episode 8 "Rooting Around In People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant" Recap (Page 1/2)
Angel Cabrera won!   Oh, sorry, I was referring to this year’s Masters in Augusta.   A two-hole sudden death playoff and he gets the green jacket, and I get to wait half an hour for The Amazing Race to begin.  If I waited two weeks for a new episode, what harm can thirty minutes do?   Anyway, last time Mel and Mike bid farewell, after a stupid mistake threw them way off course.   It’s sad, but it’s expected, and I’ve dealt with the loss pretty well—by watching Mike’s latest film, Nacho Libre.   It also has some stupid mistakes, too, albeit for comic effect, and now I’m ready to face the last five teams make their way to Bangkok, with more stupid mistakes—foreshadowing, eh?   Oh, and singing too.  The film also had singing.  En-car-naaa-cee-ownnn…

Andy Rooney talks about icebergs on 60 Minutes.  I don’t normally watch this—more because I fail to catch it from the start—but I find it amusing that we’re going to a tropical country next.   A Connecticut-sized iceberg hitting this country?  Eeek.   What’s scarier?   Zac Efron on David Letterman.   Kidding.

After the refreshed theme tune got me dancing, it’s off to the last pit stop: the Wat Themp Nimit Temple, in Phuket, Thailand.  Tammy and Victor are the first to leave, after Mark and Michael’s mess-up, and find themselves heading to some boatyard in Bangkok.  Flashbacks of their own mess-up in Romania precede their search for an airport-bound taxi in the middle of the night.  Cara and Jaime wonder if they got into an “official” taxi, and then complain about the language barrier.   Thai is, indeed, complicated.  Stuntmen next, and I laugh about one of their violations.

“Do you speak English?” Victor asks.  I think airport employees are trained to speak in English, sir.   Margie and Luke are out, and son is worried after mother’s heat breakdown at the pit stop.   Kisha and Jen are out, and talk about paranoia or something.   Well, who would’ve guessed it?   They all take the same flight to Bangkok.   It basically becomes a taxi follow-a-thon.

Kisha and Jen’s lost—or the taxi driver is.  That taxi driver’s been fed the wrong directions, apparently.  Sinister deaf kid.  This means Margie and Luke get to the boatyard first, and it’s a…

One member of the team must figure out how to attach the propeller to a boat.  When they finish this, they have to ride the boats and traverse the canals on their way to the Peninsula Pyramid, if I got the name correctly.  I failed to catch the name.  Short attention span, Henrik.

Margie and Luke do the propellers, and there’s some foreshadowing: Luke warns about their backpacks.  They get theirs.  Same goes for Cara and Jaime, who came in next.   The others aren’t so lucky: Mark and Michael, and Kisha and Jen, get their propellers, ride the boat, and the stuntmen find out they’re missing something.  They left their bags behind at the boatyard.

Victor rushes to work on his propeller, and after struggling, he realizes the whole thing wouldn’t work.   No choice but to plug stuff in and do it again, before they can leave to the canals.   Obviously they’re now in last place.

It seems gloomy in Bangkok.  Foreshadowing—yep, a buzzword—of whatever political something’s happening there as we speak?  The teams get too amazed with the boat ride, when Kisha and Jen finally realize that their backpacks are in their taxis.   Jen half-argues with Kisha, but only hope that they get a chance to return there.  Dramatic shots followed by monks.