The Amazing Race 14: Episode 10 "Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This" Recap (Page 1/2)
There are four teams left on The Amazing Race.  Three will race in the finale.  Coming into tonight, there were three episodes of The Amazing Race 14 left.  You do the math.  To me, the most intriguing sub-plot of the season right now (I'm over the Jen-Luke squabble) is the very real possibility that an all-female team will win The Amazing Race this season.  An all-female team has never won The Amazing Race, a fact that has to be remedied at some point.  Kisha and Jen are contenders, for sure, but I don't think Cara and Jaime have been given their due this season.  The cheerleaders have been solid all year, and really showed their stuff in tonight's episode.  What follows is a recap of tonight's episode.  Be safe, and enjoy.

I declined to watch Andy Rooney blabber his octogenarian thoughts tonight, lest they infiltrate my brain and make me slam my head into a wall.  So, sorry, I cannot offer you any insights into his madness.

Luke and Jen hate each other now.  Will they fight on this leg too?  Even a week later, viewers seem very, very divided on the Luke-Jen issues.  One thing is for sure - Margie overreacted at the pit stop.  One more shout out to Mark and Michael before we get started - I loved those little guys. 

Gualin, China is where our final four teams begin the next leg of the race.  Kisha and Jen depart near 2pm, and are told to fly to Beijing, China.  Once there, they must go to a foot massage spa for their next clue.  Kisha and Jen say that they're over the whole Luke thing, and that they won't dwell on it.  Once again, Tammy and Victor are excited to go somewhere where they speak the language.  Hooray for them, I guess.  Luke is, like, totally done with Kisha and Jen.  Cara and Jaime are still attractive cheerleaders.  Surprising they're still around, right?  I suppose they've run a solid race. 

Margie and Luke buy tickets on the first flight, at 5:10pm.  Everyone will probably get on this flight.  Jen and Kisha make some mildly racist remarks at the plane ticket counter.  Kisha and Jen then cut Margie and Luke after a credit card mishap (stupid, don't ask), and Margie IS NOT HAPPY.  This is the editors trying to create drama out of nothing.  Everyone is going to get on the same flight, unless Cara and Jaime blow it.  Oftentimes, the first 20 minutes of The Amazing Race is completely pointless.  I suppose they want to keep the options open in case something dramatic does happen in the airport. 

Margie tells the other two teams about Jen and Kisha laughing at Luke.  Get over it, please. 

The teams race off the plane in Beijing, off to the foot massage parlor.  Beijing, as one would expect, is bustling.  Luke signs to his mom that they kicked Kisha and Jen's ass.  Congrats, dude, you beat a team to a cab.  (Slow clap)  Kisha and Jen are currently in last, having gotten passed by Cara and Jaime. 

Tammy doesn't like feet, which strikes me as one of those things people say to get attention, because they want to be perceived as quirky, like adults who say they are scared of clowns or hate odd numbers.  Cara and Jaime are the first to arrive at the spa...

Road Block

One member of each team has to receive a foot massage.  First, they drink a medicinal tea, and then get the massage.  The massage, however, is very painful.  They can say "uncle" but then they have to do the massage again from the beginning.  So, probably best to power through. 

Kisha and Jen arrive second. Kisha takes the plunge.  Jaime writhes in pain as Kisha arrives.  She's not excited.  I take some perverse pleasure in watching these girls cry.  The joys of reality television.  Tammy and Victor arrive, and Tammy will receive the massage. Jaime screams likes she's having a baby, but stays strong.  Luke and Margie finally show up, and Luke will take on the road block. 

Jaime and Cara get their next clue, and make their way to Gunagcui Natatorium. 

The next task will be of the swimming variety, which is bad news for Jen.  She hates swimming, is scared of water, and is scared of what's going to happen.  Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive at the natatorium...