The Amazing Race 13: Week 2 Power Rankings
After only two episodes, I have a pretty good feel for most of the teams on The Amazing Race 13.  The show already feels like it's in high gear, which is a great omen for the rest of the season.  The Amazing Race 13 did a very good job of casting this season, as the teams are diverse and intriguing.  There are any number of acceptable rooting interests and at least one good villain so far (Terence).  As we gear up for Sunday's third episode of The Amazing Race, it's time to bestow upon you these unassailable power rankings, etched in stone by the reality TV gods themselves. 

#9 - Marisa and Brooke

It certainly looks like these two could be the next to go.  They didn't perform very well in either of the first two legs, and were lucky to survive.  I'm not sure what it is – they are just mediocre across the board.  Maybe had they actually gone to the Docket detour instead of Beach It they would have finished much higher last episode, but I was still thoroughly unimpressed.

#8 - Dallas and Toni

They work well together, but I just think that Toni is going to be too much of a burden as the race continues.  We haven't really gotten much face time with the mother-son duo, so my instincts could be wrong here. 

#7 - Andrew and Dan

They're somewhat entertaining, but I'm not sure they're all that great at anything on the race.  Andrew struggling to figure out the road block last episode was rather telling, and reflected a lack of analytical thought.  He had no idea what to do. 

#6 - Kelly and Christy

I have a hunch that these two will learn from their epic blunders on the second leg.  I think it does say something that, despite mis-reading their clue and losing their taxi, they did manage to finish the leg with ease.  If they can put it all together, I think they still have a shot at becoming the first all-female team to win the race.

#5 - Mark and Bill

These two have to keep relying on their smarts.  I fear, however, that a physical challenge will come back to bite them eventually.  Also, they're probably a little too nice and helpful towards the other teams.  Still, these are people you can root for and feel good about. 

#4 - Terence and Sarah

Maybe they can succeed even when they're at odds.  Terence tends to over-think everything, and his emotions are out of control.  Sarah finally began standing up for herself last episode – I want to see more of that over the rest of the season.  Though they're in great shape and have quality intellects, I can't imagine that a team with such tenuous emotions can actually win this thing. 

#3 - Aja and Ty

They're just solid.  Nothing special.  They get along well, stay calm, and are physically fit.  I think they have a very good chance to make it to the last leg. 

#2 - Nick and Starr

They had a little hiccup during the Road Block, losing much more ground than they should have.  It was a simple case of Nick reading far too much into what turned out to be a very simple clue.  He'll learn from his mistake, and I think these two should be fine from now on.

#1 - Ken and Tina

Ken is an all-world athlete.  Tina is fearless, a little annoying, but she gets things done.  She has good intangible skills that should compliment Ken well throughout the race.  I think, after their great second leg, we have no choice but to put them in the pole position.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)