The Amazing Race 13: Week 1 Power Rankings
The Amazing Race 13 lost themselves a couple of farming hippies in the first episode.  I never like saying goodbye to televised beekeepers.  No matter how many times you have to do it, it never gets easier.  Never.  Now, The Amazing Race 13 is left with ten teams of non-hippies.  Though we haven't spent a whole lot of time with the teams, that doesn't mean can't rank them in a hopelessly inane way.  I'll say this - the ten remaining teams are all relatively formidable.  There's no obvious sitting ducks, as Anita and Arthur clearly were entering the season.  Below, you will find my horrendously biased rankings.  Enjoy, and comment back with the appropriate vitriol.

#10 - Marisa and Brooke

I didn't see a lot out of the two Southern Belles on Sunday, but the fact that they barely beat Anita and Arthur says something.  They seem like very nice people, and they may have just had a bad leg, but I can't imagine they'll be around for a whole lot longer.

#9 - Mark and Bill

Smart guys, they get along, they're incredibly likable.  Unfortunately, they are out of shape.  There's a lot of running and walking and physical challenges involved in The Amazing Race and there are a lot of other teams who are just so much more physically capable than them – they're chances of winning are thusly hindered.

#8 - Terence and Sarah

They may be physically fit, but I see an explosion in their future. Terence treats Sarah like crap.  He is needy and bossy, a combination that is completely unattractive and will eventually crush the spirits of the team.  Unless Sarah allows herself to become a total doormat, tensions will start to run high in the near future.

#7 - Toni and Dallas

Toni is now the least physically fit person on the race.  Dallas is going to have to do the heavy lifting.  The thing is, he might be up for it.  Dallas is a big, strong dude.  There was some minor in-fighting in the first episode, but you can chalk that up to natural mother-son bickering.  These two are a true wild card – I have no idea how they'll fare the rest of the season. 

#6 - Andrew and Dan

Andrew and Dan are motivated, get along extremely well and are seemingly good with strangers.  But, they have no problem mixing it up with the other teams, and that could conceivably come back to hurt them.  At the very least, Team Superbad will be fun to watch. 

#5 - Anthony and Stephanie

Don't know much about this team – their screen time was minimal in the premiere.  They look to be in great shape collectively, and despite their past issues appear to get along very well.  Anthony has a constant grin on his face, which leads me to believe these two will remain in high spirits throughout the race.  They are a wild card team.

#4 - Kelly and Christy

The best chance for an all-female Amazing Race winner.  These girls are driven, together and are both in great shape.  They seem like they have the right combination of ferocity and friendliness to work the other teams and the various locals they will encounter.  An all-female team has to win sometime – I'd be very happy of it were Kelly and Christy.

#3 - Ken and Tina

Ken, despite being middle-aged, is probably the best athlete on the race.  He did play professional football, so that fact is unsurprising.  Tina, I'm still up in the air on.  She seems solid in all aspects.  The key issue for them will be staying supportive of one another.  The fact that Ken cheated on Tina is enough to know that a volatile relationship is there somewhere.  It might be dormant now, but it could explode at any moment. 

#2 - Aja and Ty

I'm liking these two.  They have a great relationship and are smart.  Aja isn't a great athlete, and isn't very strong, but every other aspect of the team is positive.  Also, Ty just seems to be an extremely good fellow.  I'll probably be rooting for Aja and Ty all season long.

#1 - Nick and Starr

It's hard to argue with that first leg they ran.  The brother-sister dynamic is important, in that momentary conflicts will fade away as quickly as they bubble up.  Such is the relationship between two siblings.  Smart, focused, in great shape – Nick and Starr have got great Amazing Race make-up.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)