The Amazing Race 13: Premiere Recap
The Amazing Race 13 has arrived with a handful of interesting teams.  In a premiere like tonight's, it's impossible to fully form real opinions on all the teams.  Many of the teams in the middle of the pack tonight got little time on camera.  We'll get to know them later.  The teams we did get footage of gave us a good impression of what we can expect from them throughout the season.  As a view and a fan, it's good to know that not all the teams are likable.  In fact, there is one team in particular that is wholly deserving of our vitriol. 

Leg 1: Los Angeles, CA >> Salvador, Brazil

The teams arrived at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Their first clue told them to drive to LAX and catch one of two flights to Salvador, Brazil.  Six teams made the early flight, five on the second.  The first clue led them to a sandwich shop, where the teams had to wheel an old vending cart through the streets and to a plaza.  From the plaza, the teams took cabs to a military base, where they spent the night after receiving one of three departure times for the following day.  The next morning, teams made their way to the Pelourinho neighborhood of Salvador.  From there, the Detour: Hard Way Up or Soft Way Down.  In Hard Way Up, teams had to crawl up a huge flight of neighborhood stairs, then answer a mystery question (“How many stairs did you just climb?”).  In Soft Way Down, teams went up a massive elevator and then rappelled down a cargo net 240 feet above the ground. 

11th Place/Eliminated:  Anita and Arthur

These two old beekeepers were quite lovely.  Anita and Arthur are hippies of the highest order, and they clearly love each other and had a great time on their one leg of the race.  Unfortunately, the elder hippies were just too slow and lackadaisical to compete on the race.  They will be missed. 

10th Place:  Marisa and Brooke

We didn't seem much from these ladies, but they don't seem like the sharpest tools in the shed.  However, they did seem like nice enough humans.

9th Place: Anthony and Stephanie

Anthony has a grin constantly plastered on his mug.  I like him.  Anyone who smiles all the time is hard to dislike.  Stephanie is cute, motivated.  We didn't get a lot of screen time with the two, but they could be wild cards. 

8th Place:  Aja and Ty

Aja was unable to carry her bags while running, forcing Ty to lug two sets of bags during the first leg.  That will get real old real fast.  Besides that, Aja and Ty get along very well. 

7th Place:  Andrew and Dan

Andrew and Dan jumped head-on into the stereotypical frat guy personas they should have actively been trying to play down.  It's not a terrible thing.  They were entertaining, in a way, but they were also pretty arrogant.  They'll keep things interesting this season, to say the least. 

6th Place:  Toni and Dallas

Toni is going to slow Dallas up all season.  Dallas is an athlete, a young guy in great shape, but it's going to be his mental prowess which will either cost the mother-son duo the game or allow them to advance far.

5th Place:  Kelly and Christy

Kelly and Christy are cool.  I like them.  Like most teams, their screen time was limited in the premiere, so the jury is still out.

4th Place:  Mark and Bill

Nerds!  They seemed quite capable.  Mark and Bill might be the smartest team on the race, but they aren't physically equipped (they had to take a break half way down the cargo net).  I don't know foresee Mark and Bill winning the whole thing, but they could easily make it deep into the game.   

3rd Place: Terence and Sarah

Terence and Sarah are both in great physical shape.  The same cannot be said for their mental fortitude.  Terence is a big-time jerk.  He treated Sarah like absolute crap throughout the entire episode, yelling at her for things like speaking while climbing the net and commiserating with other teams.  Terence is easily the most despicable player on The Amazing Race.

2nd Place:  Ken and Tina

Ken is a badass.  He's an ex-NFL player, and his mental facilities remain intact.  Tina is in good shape.  If the two of them can put their past behind them (they are married, but separated when Ken cheated on Tina, now they're trying to patch things up), Ken and Tina are fully capable of winning the race. 

1st Place:  Nick and Starr

Nick and Starr played a great leg.  No mistakes, solid all-around.  They are energetic, supportive of one another and are on the same page at all times – exactly the kind of relationship you'd expect siblings to have.  I feel good about Nick and Starr at least making it to the final four or five.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)