The Amazing Race 13: Episode 4 Recap
The sweet stench of inevitability reared its head tonight on The Amazing Race 13.  I knew that I should have known better.  In my Amazing Race predictions articles, the first two weeks I predicted Marisa and Brooke to be eliminated.  I predicted the two Southern Belles to be eliminated not because of any personal or arbitrary grudge, but because I objectively deemed Marisa and Brooke the worst team left in the game.  This, I contend, was a fair assessment, yet they were able to advance to the fourth leg through nothing more complicated than blind luck.  Yet, this week, I bucked the logic that led me to those first two elimination predictions, and went another way.  For the first time, I picked a different team to be eliminated and, of course, Marisa and Brooke were eliminated on tonight's Amazing Race

Leg 4: La Paz, Bolivia > Auckland, New Zealand > Te Puke, New Zealand

Teams departed late at night from La Paz and were told to fly directly to Auckland, New Zealand.  Every team managed to get on the exact same flight.  From the airport, teams found their marked cars and had to drive to Gulf Harbour.  Once there, teams had to unravel a big knot, in which their next clue could be found.  In addition to the clue, there was a Fast Forward, one of two on the season.  In the fast forward, teams headed to Sky Tower and climb the maintenance shaft and acquire a gnome.  The first team to do this got a helicopter ride to the pit stop.  The other teams head to Mount Eden.

At Mount Eden, teams encountered a Road Block.  At the Road Block, one member of each team encountered a horde of Maori tribesmen.  They were given a tribal tattoo pattern and had to match it with the correct tribesmen to get their next clue.  That next clue told teams to head to the City Life Hotel, where they had to find a hidden gnome somewhere in the city using binoculars.  Once they find the gnome, their next clue told them to drive to Kiwi 360.  Once there, teams encountered a Detour: Matter of Time or Matter of Skill.  In Matter of Time, teams had to smash Kiwis using their feet until they created 12 quarts of juice.  In Matter of Skill, teams assembled two Blokarts and rode them around a track three times.  After completing the Detour, teams went to the pit stop at Summer Hill. 

Eighth Place/Eliminated: Marisa and Brooke

They had an impossible time trying to find the knot in the harbour.  Once they found it, they had a pretty good leg, but they were way too far behind for it to matter.  Marisa and Brooke were simply not a very good Amazing Race team, despite being decent individuals.  We'll have an interview with the two of them tomorrow.

Seventh Place: Aja and Ty

Aja and Ty had some troubles on this fourth leg of the race, but their bickering was almost endearing.  They got over it quickly, and returned to the somewhat adorable couple that they've shown to be over the first month of the season.  They got bad luck early on in the leg, thanks to a flat tire, otherwise they would have placed more towards the middle of the pack.

Sixth Place: Andrew and Dan

Solid leg from Team Superbad, though they thought they might have been eliminated when they got to the pit stop.  They foolishly tried to go for the Fast Forward, even when they thought Ken and Tina were also going for it.  But, the frat guys live to see another day.

Fifth Place: Nick and Starr

Starr hurt herself on the Flokart Detour, but she toughed it out and made it to the end.  The feud with Kelly and Christy continues, but who cares?  Feuds rarely matter in any tangible way on The Amazing Race.

Fourth Place: Toni and Dallas

These two could be a sleeper favorite this season.  Toni isn't very fast, but Dallas is a physical force.  They're meshing well, and have run two really good legs in a row. 

Third Place: Kelly and Christy

I still contend that these two could become the first ever female team to ever win The Amazing Race.  They dominated the Detour, and jumped a number of places.

Second Place: Terence and Sarah

A very quiet race from a normally volatile team.  They took the pole position early, and kept it the entire time, not messing up once. 

First Place: Ken and Tina

Ken and Tina took advantage of their early lead and went straight for the Fast Forward.  They had no competition and once they completed the Fast Forward task, they skated (via helicopter) to first place.  Ken and Tina are easily the best team on The Amazing Race thus far.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of The Amazing Race)