The Amazing Race 13: Episode 4, Live Thoughts
Because of the overtime game between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets, tonight's The Amazing Race will be delayed by about forty-five minutes.  Frankly, I would have rather watched Andy Rooney ramble on about the new flavors of Ensure for half an hour than that putrid NFL game.  Those are two very mediocre teams, and Brett Favre will not be in the playoffs this year.  Anyway, we'll be here the moment The Amazing Race gets started, live thoughts bursting onto the internets from the home office here in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  On tonight's episodes, teams head from Bolivia to New Zealand.  That is not a short flight. 

Andy Rooney Watch:  He talks about the presidential election.  The main point - he is suspicious of the two candidates.  Also, he's a sexist.  Oh, and he has met eight of the last nine presidents. Congrats?  He likes Bill Clinton.  He also doesn't know who he's going to vote for - he likes both candidates.  Thanks for the insight, ya old bag.

Finally, The Amazing Race begins.  The Christy-Starr feud may continue, as CBS is mentioning it in the "Previously On..." section.  Christy taking a spill was hilarious. 

The teams depart from La Paz, Bolivia.  But first - Kelly and Christy confronted Starr.  Things are not good between the teams.  Ken and Tina depart first, to Auckland, New Zealand.  Once there, they drive to a harbor and must untie a knot to get their next clue. 

The airport is closed when they get there early in the morning, but the internet is open. 

Aja and Ty are starting to get on each other's nerves.  Contrarily, Nick and Starr are really good at staying on the same page - they don't take anything seriously. 

Kelly and Christy hate Nick and Starr and seem very petty by saying so.  Terence and Sarah borrow a laptop from a local in the airport.  Pretty much everyone is at the airport at the same time.  Team Superbad have bonded with Marisa and Brooke, for obvious, obvious reasons.  Everyone seems to think that the earliest flight arrival into New Zealand gets there at 4am.  Aja and Ty keep on bickering.  They won't even sit next to each other.  Aja gets an attitude sometimes, and Ty just calls her on it.  They make up, though.  The airport turned into a complete bottleneck – everyone is on the same flight.  Once they touch down, everyone heads to marked cars.

Terence and Sarah find their car first, and start heading to Gulf Harbor, Ken and Tina are right behind.   Terence and Sarah aren't being as annoying as they have been.  I'm disappointed. 

Nick and Starr go the wrong way.  Toni and Dallas also go the wrong way, as do Aja and Ty.  And Marisa and Brooke.  Ken and Tina go the correct way, after Terence and Sarah go the wrong way.  Aja and Ty get a flat tire.  Ty doesn't know how to fix it, they try to flag some cars down, but it doesn't work. 

Aja and Ty finally get some help from a guy who can hep with a flat tire. 

Ken/Tina and Superbad are first to arrive at the harbor and start unraveling their knot.  Terence and Sarah arrive a little later.  Teams are now told to drive to the summit of Mount Eden.  There is also a Fast Forward - to get it teams have to head to the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere - the Twoer in AUckland, then climb the maintenence tower.  Ken and Tina curiously decide to try the fast forward, even though they're in first place.  Andrew and Dan decide to go for it as well.  Ken and Tina arrive at Sky City first.

Meanwhile, Aja and Ty manage to get to the knot before Marisa and Brooke. 

Once at the summit of Mount Eden, they encounter a group of Maori Tribesmen.  It's a Road Block - one team member is given a tribal tattoo pattern and they have to find the matching one on one of the tribesman.  Terence and Sarah arrive first, and get their next clue.

Kelly and Christy take the long walk up the summit, unnecessarily.  Toni and Dallas get their first, and are the second to finish.  Terence and Sarah arrive at their next clue on a Auckland skyscraper.  They go high up in the skyscraper and have to use binoculars to find a Travelocity gnome doing an extreme New Zealand activity.  Marisa and Brooke are still looking for their knot.  They have no chance at winning. 
Marisa and Brooke finally find the knot. Kelly and Christy look like idiots climbing the summit instead of driving it.  Ken and Tina finally reach the top of the tower and grab the gnome.  Superbad and Christy face-off at the Maori road block.  Christy finishes first.  Nick and Starr are still driving to Eden, as are Marisa and Brooke.  Terence and Sarah find a gnome on the top of a building.  Toni and Dallas also find a gnome, in a condo.  Ken and Tina, after finishing the fast forward, get to take a helicopter ride to Te Puke, the pit stop on the leg. 

Superbad finds a gnome.  Starr finishes the Maori road block before Aja and Ty begin it.  Marisa and Brooke are still looking for Mount Eden. 

Nick and Starr jump into fifth place.  However, Kelly and Christy keep looking for their damn gnome.  They are frustrated.  Marisa and Brooke finally finish the Road Block.  Ken and Tina take their helicopter trip, and arrive at the pit stop.  Phil's dad joins them.  They are team number one, and they have won a week-long trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Terence and Sarah reach the Detour – Matter of Time or Matter of Skill.  In Matter of Time, teams smash Kiwis with their feet until they fill 12 quarts.  In Matter of Skill, teams have to ride Wind-Kart thingies.  They are quite confusing.  Terence/Sarah and Toni/Dallas decide to crush Kiwis.  Andrew and Dan do as well.

Kiwi 360 Degrees is the name of the place where the Detour takes place.  Marisa and Brooke finally find their gnome.

Terence and Sarah head to Summer Hill after crushing the right amount of Kiwis.  Summer Hill is the pit stop.  Nick and Starr first decide to do the kiwis, but they switch eventually.

Terence and Sarah are team number two.  Relatively conflict-free leg from those two. 

Andrew and Dan, and Nick and Starr decide to do Matter of Skill, as does Toni and Dallas.  Kelly and CHristy stick with smashing the Kiwis.  Teams have to complete three laps on the windkart course.  Kelly and CHristy make everyone else look dumb, and they finish the Kiwi challenge.  Starr has issues with the kart.  SHe crashes.

Kelly and Christy are team number three.  Starr crashes again - she starts crying.  She thinks that she broke her arm.

Uh-oh.  Man, Starr.  She says she's OK.  She continues with her laps even though she's hurt. 

Toni and Dallas are team number four. Starr's hand is gruesome, and she's in pain, but she manages to drive the car.  She's toughing it out.  Aja and Ty decide to quit on the Kiwi squishing. 

Nick and Starr are team number five.  Aja and Ty arrive late to the windkart.  Andrew and Dan are team number seven.  Dan hugs Phil's dad.  Marisa and Brooke are basically tied with Aja and Ty on the Detour.  The blondies try their best with the Kiwi smashing.  The CBS editors make it seem like the two teams finish their respective tasks at the same time. 

Aja and Ty finish seventh.  They are extremely pleased with their result.  Marisa and Brooke finish last and are eliminated.  We'll be talking with Marisa and Brooke tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.  Later this evening, we'll be back with a full recap of tonight's episode. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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