The Amazing Race 13: Episode 3 Recap
The Amazing Race 13 has a definitive favorite right now.  Ken and Tina, the formerly estranged married couple, are dominating.  It helps to have Ken, a former NFL safety, anchoring the squad, but Tina is no slouch either.  Both Ken and Tina have good heads on their shoulders, and have turned out to be a perfect Amazing Race team thus far, having won two of the first three legs.  Tonight's episode saw The Amazing Race teams head to the high altitude of La Paz, Bolivia.  There were epic blunders, brutal falls off wooden bikes and the start of what may prove to be an entertaining cat fight. 

Leg 3: Fortaleza, Brazil > La Paz, Bolivia

The teams departed in the morning from Fortaleza and were told to take a flight to La Paz, Bolivia.  Once there, teams had to taxi to a downtown statue of Simon Bolivar and wait for the morning paper.  In the morning paper's classifieds, teams found their next clue.  The clue inside the paper informed teams to head to the Narvaez Hat Shop in Plaza Murillo for their next clue.  Once there, teams encountered a Detour: Musical March or Bumpy Ride.  In Musical March, teams walked through the city, picking up various members of a marching band on the way.  In Bumpy Ride, teams rode old-school wooden bikes throughout the city.  At the end of the detour, a U-Turn was made available.  No one used it.  Once the detour was completed, teams were told to take a taxi to Los Titanes del Ring, where they found a Road Block.  One member of each team had to learn how to become a Fighting Cholita, who are basically WWE fighters in the form of Bolivian women.  The players had to rehearse a series of wrestling moves and then perform them successfully in front of a crowd.  After completing the Road Block, teams took taxis to the leg's pit stop at the Mirador el Monticulo. 

9th Place/ Eliminated: Mark and Bill

After acquiring their hat, they read the clue wrong for the Detour.  Instead of walking, they took a taxi.  This cost them, as they incurred a thirty minute penalty at the pit stop.  However, what really killed them was their pitiful performance at the Fighting Cholita arena, where Mark took three tries to perform the wrestling moves correctly.  Awful performance there, sending the nerds to the back of the pack and, ultimately, their elimination. 

8th Place: Kelly and Christy

They ran a terrible leg, and were only saved by Mark and Bill's inability to correctly read their clue or fake wrestle.  Christy is not a great bike rider either, falling a couple times and almost breaking her face open.  But the real story is their new feud with Nick and Starr.  Kelly and Christy think that Starr pushed one of their sports bras off a ledge in between legs two and three.  They decide to hate Starr, and that hatred has only intensified after Aja informed Kelly that Starr asked her and Ty to use the U-Turn on Kelly and Christy.  They were lucky to survive the leg, but I think they should be better going forward. 

7th Place:  Andrew and Dan

Solid leg, and they should have finished much higher if it weren't for a crappy taxi driver.  But, they played a good leg. 

6th Place: Nick and Starr

Did Starr push a sports bra off a ledge?  Who cares?  I doubt she would have done that, because it seems like a completely unnecessary thing to do.  But, regardless, it created a rift between the two teams, and one that won't go away any time soon.  These two are really good athletes, as evidenced by their impressive wrestling and biking performances.  However, the promo for next week's show sees Starr getting badly hurt.  Let's hope CBS is faking us out. 

5th Place: Aja and Ty

They did fine on this leg, but the promo for next week shows them in the middle of what appears to be an ugly stand-off.  They won't even talk to each other.  These things happen when you travel with a significant other for the first time.  I like both of these people, so I hope that they quickly get over their rift. 

4th Place: Marisa and Brooke

I don't know how they finished this high.  They had trouble with the wrestling, but did well with the marching band.  Their taxi drivers were really good.  That's all I can say.  Maybe they learned from their poor performances in the first two legs.

3rd Place: Terence and Sarah

Not too much fighting this leg.  Like Mark and Bill, they misread the clue and took a cab to the detour, but unlike the nerds, they realized their mistake before it was too late and went back and walked.  They came from way behind at the wrestling arena to finish in third, thanks to a very good cabbie and a lot of hustle. 

2nd Place: Toni and Dallas

Nothing special, just a solid and gritty performance from these two.  Dallas rocked the wrestling road block, and Toni managed to get through the Detour better than one would have imagined. 

1st Place: Ken and Tina

The leaders in the clubhouse once again.  These two are the best team on the race, despite their advanced age.  Very impressive thus far.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)