The Amazing Race 13: Episode 3, Live Thoughts
Whaddya know?  There is no football delay tonight for The Amazing Race on CBS, which means I can watch my Andy Rooney segment and eat my Metamucil before bingo starts.  Finally.  The nine remaining teams on The Amazing Race 13 will stay in South America, moving west from Brazil to the mountainous capitol city of Bolivia, a little town called La Paz.  La Paz has the highest elevation of any world capitol, situated at about 11,000 feet above sea level.  The air will be thin, and the teams will certainly have a difficult time coping.  I have a gut feeling that tonight may be the first of three non-elimination legs.  We shall see.  Stay tuned throughout the episode for our Amazing Race live thoughts. 

Andy Rooney is talking about how expensive things are these days.  Like bread.  And movies.  Andy Rooney's segment on 60 Minutes has devolved into an old man complaining about how things have changed since he's gotten older.  It's disgraceful that he's still on the air.  Does he really get paid for this nonsense? 

Terence and Sarah being mad about people not saying hello to them is hilarious.  I want them to fight tonight.  Like, a lot.  I want Sarah to yell at Terence and, possibly, throw a punch.  I think we all might enjoy that. 

Teams depart from Fortaleza.  At the last pit stop, Kelly's sports bra disappeared.  She thinks Starr knocked it off a ledge.  Raise your hand if you care.

Ken and Tina get their clue.  They have to depart Fortaleza and head to La Paz, Bolivia.  Once their, they need to find the statue of Bolivar, and wait for the morning paper.  Then they have to scour the classifieds to find their next clue.

Sarah has an epiphany: she should think about her team and not trying to make friends with the other teams.  (Slow clap)

Kelly and Christy like to mock people.  Andrew does not have body image issues.  Marisa and Brooke think they have been underestimated.  I would say they've been fairly estimated. 

All teams are on one of two flights to La Paz.  We see zero airport footage - interesting.  So, the teams arrive in La Paz.  Altitude is an issue.  The teams arrive late at night to the statue.  The teams are given blankets from some Bolivian women, and they camp out as they wait for the morning paper.  In the morning, ladies do their make-up. 

Christy is still assuming that Starr pushed her sports bra off the wall.  Whatever. 

The papers arrive, and the teams search the classifieds.  Andrew and Dan find the clue first: they have to head to the Narvaez Hat Shop.  They have to buy a traditional hat to receive their next clue. 

Terence and Sarah and Mark and Bill decide to walk to the Hat Store.  Probably a bad idea in the altitude.  Marisa and Brooke are the last to leave.  Traffic is bad, the cab people are having trouble.  Terence and Sarah arrive first, right before Andrew and Dan.

Detour: Musical March or Bumpy Ride.  In the MM, the teams have to go to a plaza, form a band and march to another plaza.  In Bumpy Ride, teams have to ride old-school wooden bikes.  The clue says “No Taxis” yet Terence and Sarah grab a taxi.  So do Mark and Bill.  Uh-oh. 

I think Mark and Bill are going to serious trouble. 

Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas are the last teams to arrive at the Hat Shop.  Terence and Sarah realize their mistake, and decide to go back and walk the whole track.  Mark and Bill ride the bikes.  Terence and Sarah are making good time even after their delay.

Andrew and Dan get to the band members.  They march very slowly. 

Ken and Tina make really good time on the bikes. 

Oh, and there's a U-Turn at the end of the Detour. 

AHAHA.  Christy takes a spill on the bikes. Mark and Bill reach the clue.  They have to take a taxi to somewhere whose name I missed.  The marching bands are pretty hilarious.  They pick new members as the march goes on.  Aja is having a tough time on the bike. 

Marisa and Brooke are a couple of goofballs. 

Terence yells at Sarah, and he's really annoying.  No one has used the U-Turn yet.  Andrew/Dan, Marisa/Brooke and Ken/Tina head to the next clue.  Nick and Starr rocketed past Kelly and Christy.  Christy wipes out really bad.  Nick and Starr contemplate whether to use the U-Turn on Kelly and Christy. 

They choose not to use it.  Good choice, probably.  Aja and Ty choose not to use the U-Turn.  Aja and Ty were asked by Starr to U-Turn Kelly and Christy.  Toni and Dallas are in last place right now. 

Mark and Bill's taxi stops for gas.  Lame.  Terence and Sarah's guy asks for directions. 

Ken and Tina arrive at the clue first.  They have to fight a Fighting Cholita in the Road Block.  Only one member will fight – it's fake wrestling versus a lady Bolivian fighter.  Ken decides to be the fighter.  They have to learn six moves in practice, and then perform them in front of a crowd.  Pretty funny.  They have to wear ridiculous costumes.  Spandex is involved.

Ken is the first to test his ability in front of a crowd.  He wears a cape.  Ken does it and gets the next clue.  Teams have to travel by taxi to the next pit stop at Mitador al Monticulo.  It's a park overlooking the city. 

Aja and Ty's car overheats.  Terence and Sarah's taxi can't find the wrestling arena.  Traffic is awful.  Toni and Dallas manage to leap to fourth place.  Bill messes up, and has to train some more before the fight.  Marisa tries next, but she also fails. 

Aja tells Kelly that Nick and Starr wanted them to use the U-Turn.  Aja, why you gotta start all that drama?

Dallas manages to dominate the wrestling, and now they're in second place.  Sarah messes up her first time in the ring as well.  Bill needs oxygen. 

Dan is next to attempt it in the arena.  He gets it on the first try, and Superbad heads to the pit stop.  Nick does it next, followed by Ty.  They both get it on the first try.  Mark tries for the second time.  He almost passes out, it seems.  He messes up again. 

Ken and Tina arrive at the pit stop first, once again.  They are freaking tough.  They win a 7-night trip to Cabo San Lucas. 

Bill tries for the third time.  Marisa tries for the second. Marisa gets it.  So does Bill.  Sarah is the second to last team to finish.  Only Kelly and Christy are left.  Kelly gets it right, and they all head to the pit stop.  Meanwhile, teams have trouble on their cabs. 

Toni and Dallas are team number two.  Andrew and Dan are getting passed by everybody.  Kelly and Christy really hate Starr.  Girl fight! 

Terence and Sarah, somehow, are team number three.  They got a good taxi.  Marisa and Brooke are team number four.  On the way to the pit stop, Mark and Bill realize that they shouldn't have taken a taxi.  Whoops.

Aja and Ty are team number five.  Nick and Starr are team number six.  Andrew and Dan are team number seven.  Mark and Bill are team number eight, but are docked 30 minutes.  They have to wait and hope Kelly and Christy don't make it in time.  They probably will.  Kelly and Christy arrive are given the good news by Phil.  They are still in the race.  They rejoice as Mark and Bill watch on, devastated.  That really sucks. 

Mark and Bill have been eliminated from the race.  They admit that they could not afford to make mental mistakes.  They did, and now they're eliminated. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of Travel-Bolivia)