The Amazing Race 13: Episode 2 Predictions
The Amazing Race 13 airs its second episode tonight, and the teams currently find themselves in Salvador, Brazil.  Brazil is a massive country, full of diverse tourist destinations.  The teams likely won't head to Rio De Janeiro this episode (a 2.5 hour flight south), because The Amazing Race has been there before.  I'm hoping the teams head to somewhere on the Amazon River.  More likely, they'll head south/east to Argentina, Chile, Peru or Bolivia.  As the minutes count down to tonight's episode, dropping a few predictions seems like the reasonable thing to do. 

1. There Will Be Driving, a Car Will Break Down

I've come to the conclusion (after much deliberation), that The Amazing Race rigs the cars they give to the teams.  There have been far more breakdowns over the seasons than logic would dictate.  In addition, it makes for great TV.  Also – to have a healthy car break down on you generally requires poor driving.  Yet, The Amazing Race doesn't penalize teams as much as they could when cars go dead, simply bringing them a new car as fast as they can, without a penalty.  Hence, my prediction: the teams will have to drive somewhere tonight, and one of the teams will have their car break down, because the producers wanted them to. 

2. Sarah Will Put Terence in His Place

Sarah doesn't seem like a complete walkover.  If we make this assumption, then we also have to believe that, eventually, Sarah will get fed up with Terence's BS.  Unless Terence realizes that he's treating Sarah like a rag doll and starts acting a heck of a lot nicer, Sarah will explode, and soon.  I think, to at least some degree, Sarah will let Terence know he's being a jerk tonight.  Terence may not expect it, but he'll deserve it.

3. Marisa and Brooke Will Be Eliminated

Someone has to go home.  Marisa and Brooke are going to be intimidated by the South American cities they'll be forced to travel to, and they're already starting in last place.  Physically, they're in the middle in terms of the rest of the teams, but their mental aptitude is questionable.  Though the Southern Belles will be perfectly amiable and nice to look at, their time is up. 

Note on Football: Pretty much everywhere in the country will be delayed tonight because of CBS's football coverage (unless games end far earlier than expected).  Stay tuned.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)